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  1. Thank you. That's a shame cause I don't have a sample. (no way of getting one since it's from a finished product.}
  2. Has anyone give them a finished product i.e. Candle so they can extract and duplicate the scent?
  3. I did a search and there isn't much about this company. They are shutting down due to covid and I was wondering if anyone know who their supplier is. I am looking for one particular oil: Darkness. I got a sample and I love it. If anyone has any idea on where I can find something comparable, you can have my first-born. 🙂 Thank you.
  4. Does anyone know where WW sources their Aura Vessels from? They discontinued a color without any notice. It was on backordered last month. I would like to know see if I can get it straight from the source or try to find a similar color? Thank you.
  5. Glad I did a search. Is this the same wax as Wooden Wick?
  6. Thank you. That's disappointing to hear. Welp my vessel search continue.
  7. The MST is just hydrogenated coconut oil? I was hoping to place an order for their Love containers.
  8. I agree but not with cheap candle lol There is this company called Bijou Candle that sells "Witchy" coven candles. The scent fill the room and soy burns clean.
  9. Did you order the black matte aura vessels? If so, it's there in the listing that's its backordered. Not sure why you didn't see, its been up there for a month. Their wick guide needs to be revamp. I brought a sampler box and its confusing on which wick is needed. They dont response to emails (for me).
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