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  1. Many thanks for your reply. Yes I think you are right, it will never look like a paraffin candle. Although sometimes I buy a natural soy candle from the shops and they seem to burn really well and re-set smoothly. Could it be 464? I live in Australia, i'm talking about Ecoya soy candles if anyone knows them.
  2. Hi folks, I'm an avid reader on here and thought to join the c3 debate. I've been testing c3 for a good while now and my problem is how it looks after it's been burning. I'm talking about the aesthetics of it post burn when it's hardened again. My scent throw is great but they look so ugly, lumpy, bubbles everywhere and discolored towards the last third. I'm just wondering what you all think about it, can I add anything to help it keep it's smoothness. When i compare it to a paraffin candle I have at home, mine look so battered. I can imagine this being noticed by a customer. Any thoughts? Many thanks, Patricia
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