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  1. Holy smokes, candle making can take months to years to figure out?!? :-o bfroberts — thanks, I’ve checked them out as well, and they won’t ship to either my home or work for whatever reason. Busy Bee — thanks for the information! And yes, I know all about precious EOs, as I deal with them on a daily basis. Making a rose-scented candle with rose EO would be very costly. I use mine sparingly for making skin care products, and a little goes a long way, thankfully. For mason jars… A lot of the kits I’ve seen come with smaller containers. So, if soy is so bad for small containers, why do they sell them with soy kits? To be honest, candle making sounds like it’s a bit much (plus, I don't have months/years to figure it out), even with a kit, which I’m not really interested in anyways. Being that I do so much experimenting with natural bath, body and various health products, I’m more interested in making a candle with my own spin; not the spin and scents that a kit dictates. Thank-you all for your thoughts and advice! I may get into it down the line, but think that I’ll just find some food-based items to concoct for Christmas. Already have some sangria brewing in my basement, and found some great jar recipes online this morning. :-) Thanks! Alesha
  2. Thanks! I looked at both: one company doesn't ship to Canada, and the other has excellent prices, but shipping to Canada is $60! I'll see what's available in Canada for candle making kits though.
  3. Thanks Laura! Hey, do you have any idea why I can't log into the site on my desktop computer? I can only access it on my phone...???
  4. Hi there! I just joined this board after running across it in a Google search… I got the idea in my head to make little mason jar candles for Christmas, and then I started doing some research. Holy smokes, there’s a LOT to candle making! I’m not a stranger to concocting things, and have a small business where I make natural bath, body and home care products, so I understand a bit of the science of it, but have some questions… 1. From my research, I’m understanding that soy wax is best for container candles. I’ve found some soy wax from one of my suppliers, and it’s the Golden Brand GW 415 and 464. It sounds like the 464 might be the better choice. Has anyone had experience with either or these? Also, what are your thoughts on beeswax pastilles? 2. Wick: unwaxed cotton or wooden, and why? 3. I have a whole bunch of essential oils at home, but would fragrance oils work better for this medium? I have a handful of FO’s from a few years ago that I could use up. 4. I’ve read about wax coming away from the glass, frosting (I think that’s what it’s called), and things getting lumpy at the end of the pouring and to take a hot glue gun to smooth the top of the candle out. Does this happen? 5. I’ve read that some candles don’t burn at all, they burn greasy, etc., What are potential problems that I could run into? Any tips that anyone can give me would be great!
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