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  1. We LOVE JS Marshmallow Fireside. I was obsessed with the BBW version, so when I found her version, I ! Haha. We used golden brand 444. We kind of botched our last batch due to a temperAture issue, but the wax melts were awesome.
  2. So My grandmother is looking for a PURE Blue spruce scent. Have you guys found a good hot throw for a apruce fragrance?
  3. That makes sense! I guess we were worried that if it emitted a smell when mixing, that we were losing fragrance. What temperature do you use that guarantees a strong hot throw?
  4. Wow thank you! We're to this and trying to learn things without making too many insane mistakes.
  5. Hey! So, we use the Golden Wax 444 Soy type with Cotton Core wicks and 7oz Hex Jars with Lids! We've been using JS fragrance oils, and so far things have been great. Our best seller has been the bourbon pumpkin and cotton candy super strong! Although I think we messed up on a few batches 😕 we were heating up the wax to 180° and then adding the fragrance while stirring for 5 minutes. But then we changed the process to where we let it cool down from 180° to 120° before adding fragrance and stirring. Sooooo, I'm thinking it didn't bond properly. (Oops) If you're familiar with this wax, what specific process do you use? Frgrance oils that bond strongly with the wax? Do you add anything to it? What are some of your favorite scents that give off a fantastic scent throw?
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