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  1. Your wax, wick and container combination do not seem right. Have you tried making a candle without adding any color or fragrance? If not, I would suggest you start there. 1. Make a candle with just your wax, wick and container. 2. If the candle burns as you expect, then and only then make another candle and add fragrance this time. The more variables you add the more difficult the candle becomes to burn properly. If the candle does not burn as you expect then you should adjust your wax, wick or container combinations before moving on to dyes and fragrances. Save your fragrance and dye until you have found your base. (Wax, wick and container combination.) I hope this helps.
  2. That's awesome! I find that the cooler and or slower you pour IGI-6006 below 160 degrees the thicker the lines become. And as you mentioned, the hotter you pour, the bigger the sinkhole. Your wet lines looked thin, so you were close. Now wet circle spots, that's just part of the wax when changing room temperatures as I'm sure you're very familiar with. I'm glad to hear you got it worked out. On to the next issue!
  3. Poor candles... Never really got a chance in life... 😪
  4. Have you tried pouring at a hotter temperature? If you haven't already done so, I would try pouring between 160 - 175 degrees.
  5. This question is very subjective with lots of variables but from my experience, I can't tell the difference between 7 days vs 28 days of curing with Pro 650. ps: It's October so back from the dead is totally appropriate.
  6. Wax Addict

    Melts Question

    Hey Ozzie, I have been working with Pro 600 and Pro 650 and like NightLight mentioned, Pro 600 is a bit to soft if used alone for wax melts. I know you've made hundreds, but are you sure it wasn't with Pro 650? Pro 650 is specifically for votives and melts.
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