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  1. https://support.candlescience.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045900034-Cargill-Product-Update Palm Wax all over again. Looks like soy choices on CS are reduced to Golden Brands only.
  2. I really like AAA's baked pie crust, and use that as a mixer to bake all sorts of pie blends, or just kick up the crustiness of pie scents that are lacking the baked note. AAA do nice baked goods fragrances in general IMO.
  3. I've only used a very small selection of FOs from there. I'm about 20 minutes from them and dropped in to pick up a sample of their ultrawax. I grabbed 2oz samples of Amber, Apple Cinnamon and Nag Champa. All three were pretty consistent in strength. Both CT and HT was good in candles and they also worked well in reed diffusers. On the flip-side I didn't really care much for the fragrances themselves. I've found nicer versions of the same fragrances elsewhere. Based on the strength, I'd be tempted to try more of their fragrances, but it would be good to hear some more reviews before committing.
  4. It looks a wee bit like the cotter pins on sale at Cal Candle. The specs list them as 4" in length. https://calcandlesupply.com/cotter-pins/
  5. Good suggestions, especially the early week shipping. Candles are weird. The more I learn, the more weird they become.
  6. Thank you, Tall Tayl. Amen to test test test πŸ™Œ So the motivation for the question is to allow me to establish a level of confidence that my candles will remain largely solid as they sit in the back of a UPS truck in the heat of summer. I can predict the melt point of the wax as that information is readily available as it applies to whatever wax and additives make up the blend. The addition of the fragrance oil is the great unknown. Fortunately my brother lives in the high desert of Southern California so summer test test test shipments will be key. Thanks again!
  7. Was wondering if anyone knows of a formula or rule for how the addition of fragrance oil affects the melt point of a candle? Say my wax has a melt point of 125F and I add 6% FO, what is the new melt point? I'm assuming it could vary a little depending on the viscosity of the oil, but is there a rule of thumb? Are there other factors I should consider beyond the melting point of the wax and the oil? Thanks, Candle Scientists 😁
  8. Cal Candle Supply is due to have Coconut 83 back in tomorrow. They've been taking back-orders though, so it's hard to know what will be left when those are fulfilled. Hopefully Accu-blend are able to ramp up production. On the subject of making your own wax, where does one start with that? I honestly never thought of that. Do I need to gather coconuts? πŸ˜€
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