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  1. Thank you for the feedback! We also fill our cutters almost full. Since our last post, we’ve had two more customers that contacted us with melted freshies. One of them happened within hours of hanging in the car. We will no longer be using PP4F for our aroma beads. At first we thought it might be a fluke, but we have now discovered that multiple batches with different scents have melted. It wasn’t from just one shipment of beads either. One shipment was from March and another from May. We have thousands of dollars in cured and dyed beads that we are afraid to use. We suspect they all have the potential to melt. We have spoken with Paul from PP4F twice and will be calling him again tomorrow. Hopefully, we can get refunded for the defective beads. We are taking a huge hit financially from this ordeal. Not to mention, our company’s reputation is on the line. We don’t mind spending more money to get a quality product. We researched and read customer reviews for a significant amount of time prior to starting this business. We just received our Cajun Candles aroma beads and started soaking those. We will keep you guys updated and would still appreciate feedback if others are having a problem with melting.
  2. We have been making aroma bead car freshies for the past 9 months. We have always used the premium aroma beads from Plastic Pellets for Fun. Recently, multiple customers have had issues with their freshie melting in their car. We have spoken with Paul from PP4F and he thought we may have received the basic aroma beads by mistake. We were able to trace back to a shipment from April with the faulty beads. Unfortunately, today, we discovered that a recent freshie which was made from a June batch of aroma beads has melted. We are panicking at this point and worried that all of our product made with PP4F beads needs to be thrown out. We have thousands of dollars invested and tons of already soaked and ready to bake beads that we are afraid to use. Can anyone help us with suggestions or had similar issues. We are in Oklahoma with outside Temps near 100 degrees. Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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