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  1. Hi everyone :) So I really want to publically sell my candles now. Through etsy e.t.c. However everytime I try and sit down to sort out what I need I get scared off (I'm a worrier) because I don't want to do something wrong and then get sued. I know I need public liability insurance (any advice on the best one to get is appreciated) And I know I need to add safety labels and CLP for the scents but there is so much conflicting info out there about this. How do I know what I legally need to put on the safety labels? On top of that I would need a safety label mini booklet on the bottom of my candles I think - 1 page for the general info and 2 for the ingredient/CLP? Where do I get this type printed? Is there anything else I have missed? I've always wanted to sell products like this and I really want to dive in and just do it but I feel I've picked a really difficult area and am scaring myself a bit. Any advice appreciated :) x
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