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  1. Thank you, it tunneled down to the bottom immediately when I burned it. Do you think the wick might be too small?
  2. Hi, so I made my first two candles yesterday with a candle making kit that uses NatureWax C6, which I read is a coconut/soy wax blend. There's not a lot of information about it when I do a google Craftserver search. I can't find how much soy is exactly in it either. Anyway, I heated 1lb of wax per the kit's instructions to 185 F and added 1 yellow dye chip, 1 oz fragrance oil called Passion Fruit/Guava and then poured (Again at the kit's instructions) to 145 F. I placed both candles in my dining room, my house is usually pretty cool with the AC on most times. Initially, I thought the candles looked great but later on in the evening, I got what I think is frosting but I'm not sure. Would it affect the quality of the burn or its just something unsightly? I know definitely there is cracking on the top that I will use a heat gun on. I've googled extensively what it could be but I want to be sure what (like the correct term, is it truly frosting, is it a wet spot, what is this?) of all I'm looking at so I can try to troubleshoot properly (pick another wax, cool lower/higher, etc.., or just move away from 100% soy) Can you someone give me the right terms to explain what's happening to my candles? This is day 2 of curing. The kit didn't say where to cure, to cover them with darkness or anything like that. Can I cure anywhere? I wanted to burn one candle later today ( as the kit said to wait at least 48 hours but 6 days is best for soy). And then burn the other candle 5 days from now and compare the two. The cold throw is strong for both of them which I am delighted. The attached picture is one of the candles, the other candle doesn't have as much of this occurrence like this picture.
  3. Hi! I'm from Los Angeles and I just made my first two candles today with a candle kit. I've been lurking this forum but I finally decided to join! Thank you all for being so helpful I did have a question. How do you all handle clean up, I found that after I was finished I had wax on my stove and my table. It's not hard to clean up but I'm wondering for future purposes, do you all have a dedicated work station for candle making? Also, can I use a gas stove or I have to use an electric stove. I used a electric stove today (I'm at my mom's house) but at my house, I have a gas stove.
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