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  1. Trappeur, thanks for your input. I recently purchased 10lb. of GB-464 soy flakes along with HTP-93 and HTP-105 wicks. I have a straight glass jar that measures 3" in diameter and approx. 3-4 in. high. I'm thinking of experimenting with this.
  2. I will set that jar aside and re-think the container.
  3. Thanks TallTayl, I'm gonna scrap the tapered jar in favor of something more manageable within the 21/2 to 3 in. range with straight walls. No sense in wasting time and material on a gamble. I'm glad to be a part of this forum. I'm keeping busy watching youtube videos on candle making and reading articles. As Trappeur explained, candle making is a scientific process and I'm beginning to realize this. Baby steps, but I ain't afraid of no candle!! ☺️
  4. Okay look. Obviously I'm a novice knucklehead and that's okay too. Everyone began somewhere. What little bit I know about candle making is (A) You're dealing with fire and a highly combustible wax. Remember the movie "The House of Wax" with Vincent Price? (B) It ain't as easy as I thought. I've been looking for a hobby that I might enjoy. I love the beautiful night sky and the overwhelming majesty of the cosmos, so I looked into astronomy and purchasing a telescope. Well it was a good idea, but it really wasn't practical as we all have dogs and they would wreck into the tripod then all heck would break loose. Long story short, I'm gonna make candles and you sweet people are gonna help me cause that's what you do. Please be patient. And hey Trappeur, I'm pride myself in sarcasm. If you'll re-read my post with that in mind, I have no doubt you'll get it. I think you're awesome BTW.
  5. Wow! I've just been taken to the woodshed. I do appreciate your thoughts on the matter, but you could work on your delivery. Good lord, talk about condescension. So what you're telling me is I need to give several away as gifts rather than one. Got it. Thanks. You can breathe now.
  6. Trappeur, I really appreciate your response. This candle was to be a birthday gift for my son so it needed to perform. After much contemplation, I have decided to scrap this idea and go with a straight 3 in. jar. This container was actually a store bought candle. Now I wish I had examined the original design before I cleaned it up. Maybe in the future I'll attempt to tackle this project. As TallTayl said, "get some early wins before jumping into a hard to wick jar." Yep, I need some experience. Thanks again.
  7. This jar measures about 4 1/8 at the top and about 2 1/8 at the burn bottom. 4 1/8 high. That is a HTP-105 sitting in the jar. I should start with simple projects. Oh no, not me. I have to jump in the deep end and overthink everything! 😣
  8. Thanks for your response. That does make a lot of sense. I think I'll just go with a single HTP-93 and hope for the best. Leave it to me to come up with a difficult configuration. 😏
  9. Absolute beginner here. My tapered glass container is 4.25 in. across the top and reduces to about 2.5 in. near the bottom. I plan to use Golden Brands 464 soy. I have HTP 105 and HTP 93 wicks. I plan to use two HTP 93 wicks since each will create a wax pool of approximately 2 inches ( I think). This may work near the top, but I wonder how effectively it will be as it burns down. Any thoughts would really be appreciated. Thanks.
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