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  1. I use 464 soy .and so far i have found between 15 and 20 fo's with good or great ht, if not i don't worry about it, I just try different fo's...I love the 464..nice and creamy looking
  2. I'm waiting for fierce love from vcs..says citrus bouquet with woodsy musk for a dark alluring fragrance..mmmm sounds good, it should be arriving this week..I have my eye on cashmere glow type from vcs vanilla, golden peach and warm cashmere musk..sounds romantic lol ..probably order that next week
  3. If its strong I want it .lol...maybe they will have it in stock soon...
  4. I seen that pic online so I tried doing it myself, but i use cd wicks...and it wouldn't wrap nicely and stay tight like the pic
  5. So thinking about spring and summer and can't stand the thought of those mosquitos..is there a good citronella fo that will actually keep these nasties away...This year I'm going to buy a ton of lemongrass plants and put them all around my yard... These mosquitos cause me stress..uhggggg..lol
  6. Uhg sometimes sweet is just to much.. maybe i will try to add a bit smokiness to it ..that is if i order it lol
  7. I have been looking at the tobacco caramel from fc ....have you tried it yet..do you like it?
  8. I tried to do this but my wick wouldn't stay wrapped, maybe it the wick I'm using
  9. Thanks everyone for your suggestions ..I have been putting off ordering any floral scents cause i just wasn't sure..but now I have something to go by..💐💖
  10. Thanks..maybe I will start with a lemon or vanilla lavendar ..I had this lavendar pillow mist, smelled so good but then I smelled this other lavendar spray and it wasn't so good lol..so maybe I would like a mix better..
  11. How do you pick floral fo's for spring and summer if your not into them to much ? Eventually I would like to sell candles, so its hard for me to pick some out, like is jasmine better than lilac? Sometimes I think that some of the fo's i have ordered would smell better in soap than a candle. When i read descriptions of floral they sound like they would smell good but not sure what those types of flowers smell like. Thanks 💐
  12. Thanks..this is going to be a fun project
  13. Did the fo wrinkle the material of the air freshner
  14. Thank You....they seem so easy and inexpensive..I'm going to give them a try...
  15. So I seen these air freshener blanks on bittercreek and they say you can paint them using diluted food coloring or stamp them then add your fragrance..seems fun..has anyone used these? And do them come out nice
  16. Lumberjack from rustic escentuals and bayberry black forest from re is kind of manly ..I love that one
  17. I value all opinions and information... Right now I am totally dedicated in finding great scents and I'm just going to do the best I can with the other issues lol..In march will be 1 year for making candles and I definitely feel more relaxed about it ..😊
  18. I also buy from candle chem , I live about 25 minutes from there..I have only tried 464 wax for a few reasons, shipping prices are so high is one of the reasons ..And for some reason I'm just in love with 464 ..a couple of things that helps me the most with tops is that i pour down my wick, i wrap the jars in felt, i put fat popsicle sticks on top and cover the jars with a box (learned all this on this website) ..so if i make 4 candles 1 might have wet spots but all my tops are smooth..and for a great hot throw if the fo i used doesn't throw that strong at 8% i just move on to another fo ..hope this helps
  19. I have tried wassail from candle science, it was ok ...then i tried spicy apples and peaches, which i thought would be like cinnamon apple but its more than that ..it has mulled spices in it and you can really smell it and it has a good ht in 464
  20. Does the sunflower have a sweet smell?
  21. Thanks ..I have tried the bamboo sugarcane by itself , smells really good, but maybe a stand alone sugar with out other scents. I seen somewhere there is a simple sugar... The reviews weren't the best on it though .. I might try it...
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