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  1. I feel the same way..To me a lot of fall bakery scents kind of smell similar, like caramel, butter, vanilla..I also would love to find a pumpkin scent w/o it smelling sweet..
  2. hi..so I want to try decoupage, I have watched tons of videos, looks easy..lol..So sometimes they paint the jars before applying the rice paper or napkins, they use those yellow round sponges or make up sponges but mine comes out bumpy or the brush leaves streak marks..Am i missing something ? . Is anyone familiar with this kind of craft? Thanks💐
  3. How much of a ratio do you think would be good?
  4. You can hit the tops with a heat gun, just dont leave it on the bar to long.
  5. I have seen tons of youtube videos where the title says.."i started a candle business" and they are all in the last 6 months
  6. I got peppermint from flamming candle and it smells really good, nice straight up peppermint, but I have never smelled peaks..
  7. Hi ..I am also in MA. Sometimes i can find them at grocery stores. Do you have a Trucchis near you? I have seen some mason jars there in the last couple of weeks..
  8. These are cool, maybe you could make some Game of Thrones type castles..
  9. Tomatoe leaf from flamming candle is really good..it smells just like the real thing, and string to.
  10. Hi...This happened to me a few weeks ago, but i forget what fo I was using. I noticed this only happens when I use the tea light melter , it doesn't happen when I use the electric wax melter. Maybe the tealight is hotter than a light bulb or closer to the wax.. Hope this helps 💐
  11. Hi..Do you find that 494 frosts like 464 for candles? I tried a couple clamshells with it and i have frosting but the pro 650 parasoy blend doesn't.
  12. Hi...It might be the soy 444, I use soy 464 since early last year and pretty much fed up with it. I have tried so many fo's and maybe 10 throw really good...very frustrating. So now I'm trying soy and coconut, (hope that will be better) just waiting for jars to arrive. Good Luck💐
  13. Thank You..I will check them out
  14. Hi...It might be because of the essential oils, try with fragrance oils..fo's are more suited for candles
  15. Does anyone know where I can get this kind of paint, I know they have spray paint but I dont want that kind..I seen some colored frost but not white Thanks💐
  16. I got the same email..I love RE.. I have never ordered from wsp, dont they have a 5.00 handling fee on top of shipping? I wonder if that will apply to RE's products
  17. Hi...what kind of wax are you using?
  18. hi..so I was thinking about those little pine incense sticks that you can burn in the log cabin, I just love that smell.It doesn't smell like any other pine smell that I have ever smelled. So I looked it up and it says its balsam ..I have ordered a few pine scents and woodland scents but i don't think just a balsam . Does anyone know if a balsam fo smells like that..Thanks
  19. I will give that a try..I have a lot of 464 so I might as well try to make tart wax because I don't think I'm going to make candles with it anymore. I looked at the candles I made from 3 months ago and longer and I was very disappointed. They were dry looking, frosted and some had brown spots and these were the candles that came out just about perfect. My lovely soy has let me down I just have to admit it lol.. Thanks💐
  20. Thanks..I'm so unfamiliar with paraffin, how do I tell which ones are harder? Will it say it in the description?
  21. So I was just wondering if I mixed 464 and a paraffin together would it be firm enough to get out of molds or clamshell molds? I know i can experiment, but I don't want to order paraffin (shipping is so expensive) unless it might work. Thanks💐
  22. Thanks..i know , I like to stick to candle suppliers and specialty online stores rather than amazon or ebay..
  23. Karen Ov

    Soy tart wax

    Hi..just wondering if there is a big difference in gw 494 and lp 416 tart wax. Thanks
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