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  1. I tried washing it and poring the wax again to no avail, i also let it stay melted for a longer time to see how the concrete held up, and the results were bad. I'll try mineral oil next.
  2. I am very sure that i did, but ill try with another container i have and just make sure. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I have been trying to make concrete candles and had an issue where the wax was falling out of the container if it is turned upside down. I have tried making a container without putting sealant on it to make it waterproof, and the wax doesn't fall out anymore, I have concluded the sealant was stopping the wax from adhering to the container. Id like to ask what sealant everyone else uses who put candles inside concrete containers? This is the one i am currently using : https://boldmakerstudio.com/collections/tools-for-concrete/products/medium-gloss-concrete-sealer-conce
  4. I think i answered the same questions you provided in the previous answer :)
  5. I pour the wax at around 120f. When the concrete was cold the wax had quite a large gap between itself and the container. I did try to put the concrete in the oven and then pour the wax into that and let them both cool down together inside the oven. Doing this helped but didn't fix the issue. No, right now we haven't done this. Though i think it might help i don't know if it fixes the issue per se, be even now there is a gap between the wax and the cement which is a bit unsightly. The best solution would be a nice clean seal between the cement and the wax. I tri
  6. Hello, I am trying to make some candles however I'm facing some issues which someone here might know how to fix. I bought the mold from here which is a cylinder shape https://boldmakerstudio.com/collections/candle-molds/products/3-straight-cylinder-silicone-mold I also got coconut wax from here: https://woodenwick.com/product/virgin-coconut-creme/ The issue I'm having is that the wax is falling out of the container once it's dried if the container is turned upside down. I tried with Soy wax which stuck to the container, but the coconut isn't for some reason. I also tried
  7. Hello, I am pretty new to candle making and loving it so far, however, I've come into some trouble with the candles I've already made thus far. I bought generic beeswax and soy wax from hobby lobby, but neither of them performed that well, i used a fair amount of essential oil with it and i was pretty disappointed. I have since done some research and found a few people saying that coconut is a pretty good wax for scent throw and health etc. On the forums here i have seen people say igi-4627 is a good wax for scent throw, however, this is a paraffin wax which i d
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