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  1. Thanks everyone! I guess what I am looking for is a jar that will hold 8oz of wax without looking too full or not full enough. I found a jar I liked on candlescience's site. If the wax weight (to fill line) is 5.8oz and the volume (to overflow) is 9.3 oz, does it mean that this is an ideal jar to hold 8oz of wax? I'm confused as to what the wax weight/volume means. I was going to call the company but they aren't open until Monday.
  2. I looked at a few sites and I see 8oz mason jars but not straight-sided jars. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to buy 8oz straight -sided jars (with metal lids)?
  3. I'd like to try to make my first batch of soy (container) candles and I'd like recommendations as to which soy wax to start with. There are so many available and shipping is costly so I'd prefer not to have to buy a variety of different kinds, although I've read finding the right one may be trial and error. Any suggestions as to what I can at least start with and can expect a decent hot throw with?
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