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  1. Sized down because my melt pools were way too big and now are burning to low!!! Gah! This is a burn test with 464 and the original booster wicks from wooden wick in .20x.20 3/4 inch, 5/8 inch and 1/2 inch. After 2 hours i was sick of looking at their pitiful flames.
  2. Oh gosh, i feel so dumb, the "dual booster" should be "original booster" and i cant figure out how to edit it.
  3. The dual booster wicks performed better than i even imagined making a huge melt pool, im planning on using 12 oz glass jars, so im going to do another test with thinner wicks of the same type, i want to see if i can get that nice wide flame with a smaller melt pool, bc you are right, in glass those bigger wicks would be way too hot in my jars
  4. From top left to top right and bottom left to bottom right: Original dual wick 3/4 Original dual wick 5/8 Original wick .30 5/8 Dual booster wick .30 3/4 Dual booster wick .30 5/8 Original booster wick .40 5/8 The flame on the dbw .30 5/8 was definitely the prettiest, the top left and right fizzled out within the hour, the middle one followed an hour or so later. Burning in gb 464
  5. Aw crud TallTayl, your right, i was so excited i didnt think about that, good idea on pulling out and cutting down!
  6. So in my ignorance, i ordered xsmall wicks and bought small jelly jars when i first decided to take this on as a hobby. Ultimately, i want large glass jars and wood wicks, but in the interest of using what i have an experimenting with FO, i decided to do a burn test with the xsmall wicks in the wax i have to figure how to make them usable in the jelly jars. I tried a couple combos, single, side by side, and overlapped. The side by side made the nicest flame, but the melt pool is a bit too big for my jelly jars, so the overlapped wicks won. Heres the melt pools after 4 hours. Once that was
  7. That is really good to know! Makes sense about the metal conducting heat, so glad i read this before blindly buying tins the same size as my glass jars!
  8. Thanks everyone! As we speak im testing my first batch of wicks in a pan of 464. In my ignorance i ordered xsmall, so im trying a couple combos, doubling and whatnot. My sample pack of wicks from woodenwick.com is on its way! So excited!
  9. My name is Abbey, im 33, 3 kids, divorced, about to marry a wonderful man in May. New to the candlemaking world, i LOVE candles and need a hobby, this is the perfect one! Im excited to be a part of your community and learn all i can from all you amazing Chandlers! My focus will be uncolored, scented wood wick candles. Still experimenting with wax types, would love to find a "natural" blend but not opposed to anything if it makes a high quality candle. Thanks for having me!
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