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  1. Great advice and inspiration, @TallTayl! Thank you!
  2. @bktolbert, you are an angel! Thanks a ton!!!
  3. Hello everyone! Does anyone know of a supplier that carries white candle tins? It seems that Papermart might be my only option at the moment. I've never used them but if you have, feel free to discuss your likes/dislikes, etc. Thanks in advance!
  4. Beautiful! I'm a knitter, but I want to learn how to crochet.
  5. I love SG! I use it to clean my deck, my bathroom, my kitchen, everything! I have a dog with allergies, so it works best for me. And I'm not breathing in all of those harsh chemicals. Speaking of, I need to go to Lowe's to buy another gallon...
  6. Oh darn...and I was just getting ready to purchase 6006 from Flaming...
  7. I get mine from Uline. Here's the link: https://www.uline.com/BL_8199/Straight-Sided-Glass-Jars HTH
  8. Looks great! Will the fair be indoors or outdoors? Good luck and tell us all about it!
  9. Hello @Grani L. I have used the Citrus Odor Eliminator, and that was only when I made it for my sister to take back to her apartment. The wax that I used at the time was C-3. Upon making the candle, I recall it being very citrus-y, and I did wonder about about it's ability to eliminate odors, but I never got around to asking my sister how it performed. Then again, she's a stressed-out, aerospace engineering major at GT; she has lots of other things on her mind and is appreciating the ambiance the candles provide. 😄
  10. Absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad you're up and moving about, too. Your decor reminds me so much of my Nanny & PawPaw's house in Arkansas.
  11. Marking my spot because I am dreaming of Italy...
  12. Beautiful candle, @Trappeur! The label design, the lid, and the decor go hand in hand. Also, your new profile pic is gorgeous!
  13. Thank you for that information, @obsessed! Yes, I did trim the wick each time prior to lighting. Personally, I only burn my candles for the recommended 3-4 hours at a time, but I know many customers aren't going to do that as they choose to burn for longer periods. Thank you, @moonshine! That's my fear - exploding glass. I know customers don't trim wicks or only burn for a short time, and so I'm trying to mimic their environment except that I do trim, haha. I plan on pouring two more testers today and keeping them locked away for two weeks. I'm going to use the ECO 8 and ECO 10. Let's hope those are the magic wicks!
  14. They do tend to have crazy flames that are pretty high. When I first lit the wick, the flame was high but then it calmed down. I have some CDs to try also. I read on either Lone Star's or CS's website that some customers were double wicking this jar with 2 ECO-4 or HTP-105, but they were using IG 6006. If I'm not satisfied with the next test, I'm giving CD a try.
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