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  1. Get outta my head, @candlesinflorida! 😂 You've said everything I was going to say.
  2. Beautiful candles! Trappeur, you could give lessons on presentation skills...
  3. I'm still in the very beginning stages, but I do think about branding a lot. I've got a document that is serving as my brain dump: the colors I'm using as part of my brand; a list of tag lines that I've come up with; the type of containers and color of said containers; packaging components, and all that jazz. I'm happy to have reduced my containers to two types: 8 oz tins and 12 oz jars, which eliminates many wicking headaches... But, I do try to think like a customer. How can someone instantly recognize my brand? What makes me stand out? Why should the customer purchase my product over a competitor's product? There is so much to think about, and being a librarian and so research-focused, it's fun, but also, ARGH. All that said, I'm learning a ton from everyone here, and learning to be patient, as well. Back to doodling...
  4. Ooh, loving that black lid, and the rust colored lid is nice, too. Great job!
  5. That's awesome! Go, clear tops for TallTayl!
  6. Clear tops, you say...? @TallTayl😁 Hmmmm🤔 How are those clear tops working for you? I wonder about ink rubbing off/smearing, or something crazy...
  7. Forrest, are you looking for a top label for your tins, as well as a wrap around label? Here are my thoughts: for top label, a 2 inch round label or 2.5 inch round (largest to avoid label hangover on top) and/or a rectangular label or a wrap around label. I'm in the same boat as you, buddy, and I am designing labels as we speak/type. 😀
  8. Trappeur, you have a gift, my dear. Lovely packaging and presentation!
  9. Beautiful labels, @Trappeur! Like you, the first label is my favorite, but 3 & 4 stand out, too. For the first label, a rustic black or silver lid would go well with that label. Hope that helps!
  10. Lovely projects, @Barbara AL! I'm a knitter, but I do want to learn how to crochet. That's gonna be next on my list once school is over for summer break. I have an afghan I'm working on for a friend's mom, and I would love to do a crochet border around it.
  11. Great advice and inspiration, @TallTayl! Thank you!
  12. @bktolbert, you are an angel! Thanks a ton!!!
  13. Hello everyone! Does anyone know of a supplier that carries white candle tins? It seems that Papermart might be my only option at the moment. I've never used them but if you have, feel free to discuss your likes/dislikes, etc. Thanks in advance!
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