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  1. I've been lurking here learning and decided to finally join so I could thank all of you for sharing your knowledge. So, THANK YOU 😊 I don't sell candles, just make them for myself and give them to family and friends. I used to make bath and body stuff to sell at the local farmer's market, so I had a decent stash of FOs. I also have a serious candle habit. After doing some research, I bought some soy wax, wicks and, well, you know the rest. I use 464 and ECO wicks and, knock on wood, things have been working well. But, I recently discovered that Cierra Candle Supply is only about 10 miles from me and they don't carry 464, but do carry C3. I'm going to buy some to test and see what happens. It would be very nice to not have to pay shipping! When I'm not putzing around with wax and fragrance, I'm an avid knitter and I also enjoy spinning yarn on my spinning wheel. I have a small flock of sheep who provide fiber but, I also buy fiber to spin. It's sort of like wax and FOs. So many different breeds of sheep, so many different wools to choose from! They all have their own unique characteristics. I also share my life with 5 donkeys, some laying hens, too many cats and our much loved senior Cocker Spaniel mix.
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