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  1. I had a lot of issues with container wax and silicone molds. You ideally want either the GW for Wax and Melts or the Ecosoya PB for them. I would recommend just leaving them sit longer, maybe even overnight with the container wax and even then you may miss some corners or detail when removing.
  2. My favorites are WSP and Cierra Candles. They both have great Pina Colada!
  3. Okay true I guess. Do people still buy it madly or has it come and gone before I even knew it was happening like most things? 😄
  4. I don't get it. Can someone explain to me why you'd spend the time to make slime look like food and smell like food just so it can be smashed in 2 seconds? I came this and was like WOW and then realized it was slime and not wax. I'm baffled!!!
  5. Sorry I don't have that one. I paired it with WSP Vanilla Buttercream for the frosting.
  6. Yes! I made some mini soy wax cupcakes using this and they smell amazing. It's not a super strong scent so you'll have to use the max FO but it's worth it for me. LOVE
  7. death by chocolate lavender rocks I recommend these highly for use in soy. Strong and great throw. Just don't get the Godiva chocolate, it smells like shoe polish.
  8. I was just coming to post this. Fragrance Buddy has 20% off starting today if anyone is interested in that!
  9. I'm honestly not sure what they are doing. The announcement says the 27th they are back for one day for the end of the year sale. We didn't miss it because I've been randomly refreshing their site all day lol.
  10. You should have just held off until tomorrow just to be safe! If their sale includes free shipping you're gonna kick yourself!
  11. I've had success with my wax melts using Aztec for a few holiday FO but my go to supplier seems to be WSP, Just Scent or VA Candle. Candle Science FO were really good for me too but I haven't ordered more from them other than my first batch of trial 1oz because everyone else has had sales lately.
  12. I got an email from them yesterday. The codes are good for one week and I don't plan to use them so I thought I'd offer here.
  13. Nope they are having their end of the year sale for just one day on Dec 27. No details yet on discount amounts. https://www.justscent.com/special-announcements.html
  14. Maybe they are making it up in the shipping??
  15. @Darbla Of all the WSP I have, not a single one on your list. Let us know what you think when you get them!
  16. If you're already placing an order I'd say at least get a 1oz sample and try it out yourself!
  17. It's really difficult to describe. It's like someone put Lavender and Champagne together then added in faint scents of fruit and amber. I may not be making it sound very good but trust me, it's amazing. And strong and has excellent CT and HT in soy wax!
  18. Any online shop that allows you to add items to your cart then checkout and pay all on the same site.......ie: all our suppliers
  19. How do you like their Peppermint Bark? My favs that I have only smelled OOB are: Peanut Butter Cookie Sugar Cookie Dough Becky's Ultimate Vanilla Pink Chiffon and the ones I've used and love are: Peppermint Bark Death By Chocolate Jack Frost Christmas Red Velvet Cake Vanilla Bean Buttercream Vanilla Bomb Bear Claws Cuppy Cake Lavender Rocks
  20. I think because like me they thought this was the same thread already there
  21. I think if you have a phone number you actually want customers calling then add it on there. I don't have that right now so it's not there. If I build up my business enough that I feel I should then I can change it later. This is why I only got a small number of cards for now.
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