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  1. 15 minutes ago, TallTayl said:

    Follow up question. Your business name is designer melts. How would you describe your product as designer?


    Do you use exotic designer fragrances? Designer shapes? designer packaging? I’m just a little confused about your brand. 


    I honestly don't know. It all started because it seemed a cute play on words. I love designer clothes, my previous job was a graphic/web designer and even my license plate is DZINER so when I saw designermelts.com was available I just grabbed it and it went from there. I really didn't look at it from a marketing aspect. But I guess my shapes would be the closest thing to designer since they are all unique to normal clam shell melts?? 🙈

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  2. Thank you for all the critiques! That's why I post pictures here for feedback. I'll never be offended or upset even if I don't agree!! 


    And yes, I think I do understand and agree with the darkness of the setup and the fact that my little risers didn't do as much as I envisioned it doing for the height. I'm thinking of ways to fit the color scheme but add some white in and get more height. I'll check back in when I do! :)



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  3. 9 hours ago, Laura C said:

    - Your setup looks pretty dark and heavy, goth like and I don't know if that is what you are going for. The purple and black are pretty but maybe try a white table cloth and have the small purple tablecloth, black trays, signs and such as accent colors. They will show up more against the white.

    - It is not immediately obvious what you are selling. I know you have that 1 big sign but it could get over looked and it's hard to read from a distance.  If you're allowed, I'd hang a poster board size sign down the front of the table, could be attached to the edge of the purple table cloth. Use nice big letters that simply says "Soy Wax Melts" or "Wax Melts". Instantly, even at a distance, customers would know what you are selling.

    - The tins look nice but it looks like you are selling tins or maybe candles in tins. Along with the cupcakes and bears displayed in the clear plastic, you could set out a few clear bowls or trays with misc. melts in them for show & tell.  Right away people can see your pretty product and smell the wonderful scents. 


    Anyway, that's the things that I noticed but my husband calls me a super freak so what do I know. LOL :lol:


    As I said, I had opened one each of the different scents for people to see, I just did so after the photos were taken. But yes, even then I had to explain to almost everyone what I was selling so that definitely did not help my sales. I really thought it was obvious but the amount of people that even after I said "wax melts" had a blank look on their face until I went on to show them the melter and say something like "candles without the wick" then they were OH OKAY. I really didn't understand that many people never having heard of these before. 


    Also I do have a banner for the front of my table but ........ I forgot the pins to hold it on. The only thing I forgot the entire day. I even asked around if anyone had any safety pins or anything but most were using theirs or didn't have extras.


    The colors are on purpose but I don't agree that it's too dark or goth?? Also the banner is white so that offsets it a lot when it's hung on there and I'm not dumb and forget the pins. I don't wish to change the colors at all otherwise.


    The more I look at the photos the more I want to change things though. It's too strewn across the table. People kept picking up the same tins over and over because they were the closest for them to reach and I had to keep pointing out that there were many other scents and the sniffers at the front. 


    The only nice thing about the lack of sales was my next one takes far less prep on supply I guess. I do need to come up with an alternate design but still incorporate the money I've already spent. I can't just keep buying stuff endlessly. I'm running out of cash fast!

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  4. Well here it is! My sales were not great but I don't think it was me. All the vendors around me were saying the same thing at the end and the traffic was certainly light through a lot of the day. But I was happy with my table set up! I ended up opening a few of the actual tins so the smell would entice and show off the different shapes I had.



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  5. 1 hour ago, kissluck@18 said:

    Where are you getting the leather scents from? I’ve tried a few from different sites and can’t find one I actually smell and like. Testing NG leather jacket today 


    I have Aztec Leather and I love it! It has amazing throw in soy as well as my aroma beads!

  6. 1 minute ago, Ak Wolf said:

    I ordered a 5 lb bag of the PB from Aztec, heated to 195 added color block shavings around 190 and FO at 185 poured into clamshells at 170 and 160 and a few at 150. Got frosting on all but more so on the the 150-160. Also got dimples on all.  Did 100% PB 1lb and 1oz fragrance.  


    I haven't seen a lot of the frosting others have with this but the dimples do seem to be unavoidable with any soy I've used.

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  7. 8 minutes ago, Sebleo said:


    Theres not a lot of difference between the two sizes. You’ll basically be adding a foot to each side of your mock up. 


    You could use that extra space to just space things out, add a price list sign, put out business cards, or add a few more items. 


    Okay that sounds about right. I have a price list ready and another sign saying to ask me about custom orders so that should fill the space without leaving too much blank areas. I don't want to make it crowded but I don't want it too bare looking either! :)

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