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  1. I hope so... I'm ordering some 10 lb bags to play with today. I'll give 444 another chance and try the Ecosoya, as well. Just to see what happens. I WANT a great soy candle. At this point, it's become a challenge that I intend to conquer, even if it's just one great candle. I'm hoping the CD wicks that I ordered will be here today or tomorrow. I still love my paraffin... but this is just one of those irritating things that is going to be eating at me if I quit trying.
  2. Time to pester you all again... Firstly, the ECO 10 in the original test jar seems to be doing better towards the bottom of the candle, but there is still somewhere between 1/4" and 1/2" of hang up towards the top. We'll see what the new one does in a few more days. (I try to cure for at least a week. Sometimes, if I'm really curious about a new scent, I'll do one test burn at 3 days. Then wait a week to burn again.) New issue - I've seen some threads about inconsistencies with GB 444 & 464, but didn't have a problem until now. Opened a new bag to pour the "new" test candles and have zero cold throw 4 days later and am concerned about the hot throw, as the original testers don't have near the hot throw that my paraffin did. …debating about trying another wax, but see a ton of crap reviews on Ecosoya which was going to be my second option. The closest supplier to me only carries Ecosoya and Golden Wax for soy. I'm stumped on what to do. I want a quality candle with good hot throw. I don't necessarily mind paying more for shipping, but I don't know enough about soy. Any suggestions on a more stable soy with excellent hot throw? I used IGI 4627 originally, but my customers are wanting to go soy while retaining the same quality hot throw. With the 4627 at 12% FO in these same jars, 1 candle would fill my entire house within a matter of minutes. The 444 is barely filling a room after an hour... So far, I've tried 12%, 10% and 8% FO loads, 12% giving the "best" throw. I feel like I can't make my customers happy if I can't keep myself happy with the cold/hot throw. ...I could very well just be whiny because soy is making me feel defeated, right now... I genuinely apologize for my whine showing. Next time, I'll bring cheese...
  3. At midpoint with the ECO 10, it still doesn't completely reach the sides. The 12 did better at midpoint... leaves very little residue behind and the jar is warm, but not hot. I just poured more candles today, hoping that maybe part of the problem was a rushed pour... The paraffin that I used to use was a lot more forgiving and I haven't quite mastered the "one pour soy". I had several big wet spots in the jars with the 10 & 12... So, I'm hoping that I did better today and maybe less air pockets will help. IDK. I'm still pretty new at this. Going to go thru the archives and see if I can figure out how to correct my plethora of issues. Thanks so much for the input!! I'll gladly take every bit of it!
  4. I should add that the ECO 14 is throwing a good amount of soot... by the 3rd burn, the top of my jar was turning black
  5. Ooookay... So. I'm making myself crazy. I cannot find a gosh danged wick that will work with this jar. 13.25 oz Libbey Tumbler. It looks like it would be so simple... but, it's kind of like the time that I decided to refinish my wood floors myself, while 7 months pregnant and was too proud to admit that I bit off more than I could chew... Lol. I'm using GB 444 with 10% FO and no dye. I have tried LX wicks (because they were handy) and ECO wicks and wooden wicks, which I'd prefer to stay away from. I've had better luck with the ECO, however, I don't like any of them. They have all been rubbish burns. ECO 10 has awesome hot throw, but does not come close to reaching the sides after 4 hours. ECO 12 tunnels and has less than ideal hot throw. ECO 14 has a good melt pool, but seemingly has no hot throw. I want to stick with a single wick for this jar... but am so stinkin' frustrated with it. Any suggestions???
  6. So, I've read quite a bit about the "Alex Method" for pouring soy candles... The process goes as follows: 1) Melt wax to no higher than 150 degrees F. 2) Once melted, add FO & Dye. 3) Let cool to 100 degrees F and pour into room temp containers. They claim the result should be a smooth finish with good adhesion and minimal frosting. I'm curious as to your thoughts on this method - pros..? cons..? Do you think it will effect liquid dye and FO binding as it should? I have tried it with some success on clamshell wax melts with GB 416, but when they pop out some look grainy (I may have also been in a hurry and poured at 120-ish); haven't decided if I can live with that yet...I used dye blocks with no issues, however liquid dye left the bottom half of my melts white. I'm playing with liquid dyes as we have a love/hate relationship 😜. (My impatience MAY keep me from stirring as long as I should, but I choose to blame the dye..) I'm debating about trying it with container candles. Right now I heat to about 165 then add dye/FO and pour around 130. I do have to even out tops occasionally. I've been making paraffin candles for approximately 2 years and just started dabbling with soy and am trying to find my bearings. Sorry for the lengthy post... Just a Newb trying to find her way.
  7. Hmm... I think that I'll be watching that for a while, then. Thanks for the input!
  8. I dislike liquid dye with soy, because it takes such a large amount that it's hard for me to be consistent with colors. ...AND the last batch I tried - I added dye at 150 degrees and mixed for a solid 5 mins and still ended up with the dye going to the upper half of the candle. I haven't had that problem with the dye blocks, yet.
  9. What is your favorite type of dye for soy wax and why? I've used liquid dye with success in paraffin in the past, but haven't had very good luck in soy. I've been using dye blocks from LSCS and they seem to work well and I have never tried dye chips.
  10. I'm just using cardstock... Debating about trying glossy cardstock, I'm just in penny-pinching mode right now
  11. This is what I found and may try.. Would work as a dust cover and maybe keep people from sticking their fingers in the wax. https://pakfactory.com/sleeve-with-tapered-side-panel.html
  12. 🤣 I may end up doing it! Dust covers are going to make me crazy! I did find some sleeve type things... Waiting on a quote from the company. I'll try to find the link... Probably going to contact one of the local printing/sign shops and see if they can do something similar.
  13. May I ask what company you found them at..? I LOVE these jars and have been searching high and low for lids, with no luck. I've currently been trying to make my own paper dust covers, but my impatience is killing me and I'm pretty sure my kids have learned a new word or two in the process. 🙃
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