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  1. I feel that this is a stupid question but I've only been making candles for a month now and I just want to make sure cause I honestly don't know. Ok, up until now I've been making 3 8oz. candle tins at a time. That's 1 lb. of soy wax I'm using for that. Now I've got friends who want some candles of different scents and I have to make them all in one night or I won't get it to them on time. So my question is, if I melt my soy wax and make 3 candles; can I then not clean out the melting pot and just pour in another pound of soy wax flakes and just melt away or should I first clean out the po
  2. I use a presto pot and up until now I've only been using it for soy wax. I want to start messing with beeswax and I just want to make sure I can use the same pot or do I need a different one?
  3. I have just finished gathering what I need to make my first candles. I decided to go with a presto pot. From what I read it seemed easier. Now, I'm going to ask a stupid question, do I just put my soy flakes in the pot and melt them? I don't add anything? I know I can add color and fragrance to the wax later, but I just mean when I start the melting process in the beginning. Flakes in pot, pot gets hot, melts wax? That simple?
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