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  1. I feel that this is a stupid question but I've only been making candles for a month now and I just want to make sure cause I honestly don't know. Ok, up until now I've been making 3 8oz. candle tins at a time. That's 1 lb. of soy wax I'm using for that. Now I've got friends who want some candles of different scents and I have to make them all in one night or I won't get it to them on time. So my question is, if I melt my soy wax and make 3 candles; can I then not clean out the melting pot and just pour in another pound of soy wax flakes and just melt away or should I first clean out the pot even though I'm using the exact same wax? Also, is the left over wax okay to use with the next batch as long as it didn't have time to cool to a solid again? Or can I just remelt the cooled off wax with the next batch of the same wax? Thank you so much for your help! Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. I use a presto pot and up until now I've only been using it for soy wax. I want to start messing with beeswax and I just want to make sure I can use the same pot or do I need a different one?
  3. I have just finished gathering what I need to make my first candles. I decided to go with a presto pot. From what I read it seemed easier. Now, I'm going to ask a stupid question, do I just put my soy flakes in the pot and melt them? I don't add anything? I know I can add color and fragrance to the wax later, but I just mean when I start the melting process in the beginning. Flakes in pot, pot gets hot, melts wax? That simple?
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