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  1. wanted suggestions for the best wax to be used to prime the wick should i use pure beeswax only I used it once and the wick turned quiet harder than the soy ones is it good or bad or i use the blend of the container candle i am using; to prime the wick i want to avoid paraffin for priming  Need more suggestions on this also thanks
  2. Thanks birdcharm and trappeur the wick i use is a cotton flat braided one and are available in diiferent sizes to fine tune my blends i will be experimenting with several combinations around 5 of them 1. 75% soywax 25% beeswax 2. 80% soywax 20% beeswax 3. 75% soywax 20% beeswax 5% paraffin oil 4. 80% soywax 15% beeswax 5% paraffin oil 5. 80% soywax 15% beeswax 5% palm stearic with same fragrance load in all will report the burn result in few days and ask for further suggestions thanks
  3. Hi i make container candles with soy and bees wax wanted suggestions for the best wax to be used to prime the wick should i use pure beeswax only or the blend of the container candle i am using itself to prime the wick i want to avoid paraffin for priming thanks
  4. Hi Trappeueur thanks for the reply and your concern for your first set of questions i would say there are no branded and standard wax blends as well as wicks are available in India we do all the things through hit and trial the jar is is a 6 oz yankee jar the oils is paraffin oil that is mineral oil and i use about 3.5 oz in 2 pounds of wax( 17.5 ozsoy wax and 14 oz bees wax) and 60 ml of fragrance oil that makes a total of 2.3 pounds i agree every one has its own wax formula and through this platform i would like to hear experiences of the pioneers like you and benefit thank you and waiting for your reply further
  5. Thanks bird harm for your concern and your tips in India there is no such standard wicks or brands or sizes and even wax are unbranded too. and everything has to be done on presumptions and assumptions by experimenting the yellow one in the background is forsurely over wicked and was Blend no 1 no problem in burning but of course with fragrance that can not be seen the blend no2 is in the forefront and is quiet sticky may be due to paraffin oil or beeswax I don't know and the wick seems to be clogged too while burning i appreciate your suggestion of avoiding vybar the question that come to my mind is when it is stated that vybar increases the scent throw so can i use both stearic and vybar in moderation may be 1 tsp stearic and 1/2 tsp vybar and moreover is there any need to add beeswax and what good or bad it will do do reply please
  6. I am new into candlemaking for a while and having tried many combination during the course and need some expert comments since i am in India and no pre fabricated wax blends are available all has to be done by yourself my first blend was 450 gms soy wax 5% palm stearic(22)gms 4% vybar (18 gms) 30 ml fragrance oil color dye and appropriate wick problem faced were low cold throw and big wax pool second experiment 250 gms soy wax 200 gms bees wax 50 gms paraffin oil same fragrance oil and dye and wick good things were good cold and hot throw problem faced very little wax pool tunnelling and ugly looking jar with wax adhered to the sides of jar pics attached can anyone suggest the right blend that fixes these problems really stressed
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