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  1. NYCole

    Tobacco Caramel

    Flamings Tobacco Caramel is one of my best sellers! And you can name it whatever you want.
  2. I can't be 100% because I order from a few places and stickums are something I just usually throw in my cart wherever I am ordering, but I think Flaming Candle. Since I will be repouring candles when I get the CSN wicks, I am going to use the new pack I got from Lonestar last week.
  3. First test done. I poured wick test candles (no fo, no dye) on Saturday and tested last night. The good - absolutely adore this wax, love the texture when measuring into my presto, love the way it melted, the crystals formed are absolutely stunning and I loved the way it burned, crystal clear! The bad - Eco wicks were a bust! So after more research and reading on this forum I have ordered CSNs and RRDs. Which is what I should have done in the first place.
  4. The actual stickum came loose. I’ve never had that happen. But it was a new pack so I guess it’s possible I got a bad batch.
  5. I will do 7 days for scented/dyed candles and I'll do 4 days for wick testing. That's a good compromise. I poured the first candles and I love the texture of this wax! Everything went well except my wicks let loose and I had to reattach them. Guess I need to get stickums that can handle the heat of palm 😂.
  6. NYCole

    Starting Over

    Thank you so much Trappeur your words mean a lot. I debated long and hard about what to do, it really was heart wrenching. I am doing what I feel is best and if anyone doesn't like it, poo on them. I am having so much fun rebranding and looking for new scents. I'm only keeping a few from the soy line. Since I need to test everything anyway, I figure fresh start. Except for 3 that were best sellers in soy, hoping they are as good in palm. I even set up all new books and had fun. Who the heck has fun doing paperwork?
  7. Thanks Moonshine. Really, only 48 hours, hmmmmm…..I just might try that. Would make the testing process much easier.
  8. NYCole

    Starting Over

    OMG. You ladies made me cry. How did you know exactly what to say? I am out in my workshop right now, basically cleaning house. I am cleaning and organizing every nook and cranny and making it mine. It is actually soul cleansing. All is looking up already. I learned so much the first time around and learned from my mistakes. I know where I want to go and I can do it. If I need help with anything it looks like I came to the right place!
  9. NYCole

    Starting Over

    After having a partnership for a few years I am venturing out on my own and revamping. It was an amicable split, I did not want to lose a friendship so I am going in a completely different direction to avoid any conflict and I was tired of dealing with the soy issues. I have a decent stock of soy candles to get me through the testing faze of Glass Glow (will get me through the fall/Christmas season) but I will basically be starting a small business with Glass Glow candles while also winding down the partnership with the soy candles. Why do I feel like I am going through a divorce ROFL? Without going into gory details, my partner just didn't have the time (kids, an overbearing husband who resented the time spent making candles and attending shows). This is a very good friend and I do not want to damage the friendship so have decided to change my direction completely. Starting over with a new wax, new jars and presentation and I've made what I think is a huge decision to not do the shows and fairs any longer. They take so much out of me as I rarely had any help. I do supply two small stores and have a small following of coworkers, friends and family. I also had a soapmaker recently approach me about supplying a small amount of candles wholesale to go with her soaps. Any advice? Why am I scared?
  10. I've made and sold soy wax candles for a few years, but have grown tired of the problems. After researching waxes for a few months and bouncing between trying coconut and palm wax I've decided to give Glass Glow a try. Today is Day One of my fresh start. Its been a few years since I have done the hard core testing so I need any hints or tips anyone is willing to share, especially any specific to Glass Glow. Right now this is my plan: Today I am pouring three candles using Glass Glow, three different wicks, no FO or color. Heating to 210, pouring at 200 and letting them cure until next Saturday before test burning. After reading through the forum, I will be cooling on a rack and trying the flip method to avoid air bubbles. I'll be using 16 oz Salsa jars and Eco wicks. I did read on the forum that CSNs and RRDs are preferred but I have the Ecos on hand and Lonestar, where I ordered the wax, does not carry them and I hate to order just wicks and pay shipping from another shop. If they are a complete flop, I will order new wicks. Am I missing anything, like I said its been a few years since I tested soy for the first time. Of course I've always tested new oils and spot tested candles along the way, but I am starting from scratch again.
  11. NYCole

    Hi all!

    I'm new to the forum, but not candlemaking. I've been making and selling soy candles for a few years but have absolutely had it with all of the problems so I've decided to go in another direction. After doing a ton of research, which is how I found this forum, I decided to go with Glass Glow. This forum has been a wealth of information! I'm starting from scratch with testing this weekend and hopefully will have some success. Anyway, I'm in my late 40's, married, no children but one big baby of a dog and for my day job I work for lawyers. Candlemaking has been a lifesaver as far as my sanity!