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  1. kcandle2

    I’m proud of this one

    Wow that looks great!!
  2. @Sebleo Thank you very much for the information! This is helpful. I will look into Shopify and your other suggestions.
  3. Hi everyone! I am just starting my candle business and I have a few questions about packaging and shipping. I make container candles and the majority of my orders will be coming from online sales. How do you package and ship your product? Shipping- It seems USPS is the most economical route, but shipping is still quite expensive. Is there a service people use to get discounted shipping rates? I see some small candle companies offering free or very low flat rate shipping and I’m not sure how they’re doing it!! Packaging- I was initially thinking of buying corrugated boxes, putting my container candles in there, and mailing them that way. Does this make sense? Or do you put the candles in a box and then put them inside a USPS box? Any thoughts and advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you! -Kay
  4. kcandle2


    Thank you! I love all candles, but I make soy container candles. I am still new and experimenting quite a bit to find the containers I like best.
  5. Thank you all for the information! This is very helpful!!! 😃
  6. kcandle2

    New Amber Jar Pictures

    I was wondering the same thing! Would love to know what type of wax/mold is used to make them!
  7. kcandle2

    New Amber Jar Pictures

    Wow!! Those look AMAZING!
  8. kcandle2


    Thank you! I am learning so much already!
  9. Hi everyone! I have been researching and experimenting with GB464 wax for 6+ months and am really enjoying it. I came across craftserver and I am SO glad I did, because there is a lot of great information on here! I have a few questions I was hoping to get some expert opinions on. I would appreciate any advice or thoughts you have. Regarding fragrance oils: I've read in many places the standard is 1oz of fragrance oil per pound of soy wax, but I've also read to use 1.5oz per pound. Is one better than the other for the GB464 wax? Is the difference noticeable? What do you recommend? Regarding curing: I've been waiting ~1 day before putting lids on my container candles, and letting them cure for ~2 weeks before testing. I hope I'm doing this right! What I'm not sure about is how do you cure containers that don't have a lid? Do you put anything over top of them? Looking forward to chatting! ~Kay (I'm sorry for the double post, I realized I posted in the wrong section.)
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    Thank you!
  11. kcandle2


    Hi, I am new to candlemaking and have been experimenting for the last 6 months. I am excited to chat with and learn from you all!