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  1. Thank you Laura... I agree! Now how to figure out what to do to fix it :0 Hopefully someone on here will be able to give some input with their experience with this FO.
  2. I used to have fabulous results with CS Fruit Slices oil, I started having troubles with the HT last year. I have done numerous rounds of testing and the HT is still no good, despite using my previous recipe. I have ruled out the wax and the wicks as an issue, ordered new oils to rule out a bad batch. In contacting CS they reassured me there were no changes to the oil formulation. Is anyone else having issues with this oil? I think I have lost my mind trying to reformulate this scent recipe. Looking for any input if any others are having these issues or if it's just me! I would give up if regular customers didn't keep asking me for it 😕
  3. @gilligan I use ECO wicks. The size depends on the width and material of the container I am using. If you are successful with some of your oils and not others, it might be the oil.
  4. I do believe KY 125 may be a branded version of 415.. I think I have heard that before. I purchased a sample bag but haven't tested it yet. KY 125 is still made.. it was purchased by Rustic Escentuals and you can purchase it from them!
  5. I would suggest adding FO at a much cooler temperature. Try adding around 145 and play with the temperature from there. I also agree that you should use a lower FO load... generally around 8%. Everyone says to add FO at 185 with golden brands but I have not found it to be successful. Also as someone who recently had horrific results in a studio with high humidity I definitely recommend making and storing candle products in a controlled humidity environment as well as letting your wax "air out" for a few hours before melting and using. Humidity can definitely wreak havoc on the products and the process, I still have the tear-stained sheets to prove it LOL. ALSO... in my opinion you should get a decent enough HT after 24 hours of curing for testing purposes. If you can't smell it at all after that amount of time it's probably a dud. I test mine after 24 hours and they easily fill a 12x12 foot room or more.
  6. I tested and played around with ECO wicks and the HT did well. I found the CT in c3 to be exceptionally strong.
  7. Do you wrap your melt/pour bars in plastic wrap? I have heard they have to be sealed to prevent moisture spots.. is this true?
  8. I just did my first test pour of c3 and had the most perfect setup! I don't think the wax would need to even have a heat gun it is so smooth! I poured at 140F. I hope it wasn't a fluke... and I hope when I test burn the HT is amazing... waiting on it to cure now. Did you happen to find a good wick that you settled on? It's hard because the container plays such a role too, whether it absorbs heat or not, if its fluted, etc. For my test I went ahead and wicked them the same as I do for 444 in my container.... we will see! FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED! 444 has been less than impressive since this spring for me, used it for a year before that with awesome results.
  9. UGH I have had no issues until this spring, with a full pallet load of wax... 😭. Any recommendations on a similar wax to switch to? I'm thinking about trying the Midwest Container Wax that comes in a pellet form.. I guess I might have to temporarily close my business to reformulate
  10. Has anyone started having more issues with the golden brands soy waxes? I'm getting increased sink holes and uneven tops with decreased hot throw despite using the same recipes....
  11. Following! I just ordered a sample bag of c3 to try - any follow up on wick suggestions? From what I have read c3 is very tempermental and generally you should only use a 6% fragrance load unless using additives (which I have not purchased). What are you testing with? I have also read that c3 likes it HOT, so you should size up in wicks.
  12. Do you think adding the oil at 200 could be the culprit for your weak HT? I know if I add fragrance oil when it is too hot the candle will have good CT and HT in melts but won't have any HT in candles. I'm very interested in trying to add some coconut wax after reading this thread!
  13. I am having some quality issues with numerous bad batches of GB444 wax, so I'm researching what new waxes to try and I am thinking of giving this one a go... how is CT and HT? Any history of quality issues? Eco wicks? Other wicks? Any input is appreciated!
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