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  1. Jamie shonk

    Nature’s wow wax

    Thank you for your help
  2. Jamie shonk

    Nature’s wow wax

    Thank you ! I will definitely let you know if I ever try it, I do love natures garden oils but I’m a little hesitant to drop money on more wax to test 🤪
  3. Has anyone tried natures garden wow wax ? Is it comparable to igi 4627 wax ? I’ve never tried it and I am a little curious on how well it throws .
  4. Jamie shonk

    Cookies and Cream?

    Wsp has a cookies and cream oil
  5. Jamie shonk

    Adding oil to 4625 igi

    Thank you so much for the advice , I appreciate it ❤️
  6. Jamie shonk

    4th of July Sales??

    I haven’t heard , but rustic essentials is supposed to do the 1.00 an oz sale either July or August I believe 😍
  7. Jamie shonk

    Adding oil to 4625 igi

    Oh wow , good to know ! I think I’ll skip trying that out then
  8. Jamie shonk

    Adding oil to 4625 igi

    Thank you , I thought it sounded kind of strange but I haven’t tried it . I use a para soy wax that I’m pretty happy with but I like experimenting with other wax blends 🙃
  9. Jamie shonk

    Adding oil to 4625 igi

    So I was reading somewhere that adding some coconut oil or olive oil to a harder paraffin wax can help the scent throw . Has anyone ever tried this for wickless melts ? I’m wondering what the percentage would be if I was to try it 🤔 I would be grateful for any advice
  10. Jamie shonk

    Hi everyone

    Thank you 😊
  11. Jamie shonk

    Hi everyone

    Trappeur thank you so much , I’ve learned a lot already just reading some of the post . Everyone seems very nice and helpful 😊
  12. Jamie shonk

    Hi everyone

    Thank you so much ♥️
  13. Jamie shonk

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, thank you for having me ! I’ve been making wax melts for about 3.5 years and selling on eBay Facebook and Instagram . I’ve tried a few festivals but I really didn’t have much luck . I make parasoy melts and some bath and body items . I’m excited to meet some new people in the wax community!
  14. Jamie shonk

    WSP Recommendations?

    Thank you for the info on the fisherman scent ! I hope you enjoy the oils you bought. I need to get a good bread scent , I’m torn between fresh bread or just scents French baguette.
  15. Jamie shonk

    WSP Recommendations?

    How does fisherman smell ?