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  1. Has any used Indigo root powder in bath bombs with success? I tried, but the tiny specks of powder smeared against my skin and tub and was really hard to clean off.
  2. They are CD's and I'm using the original ecosoya cb advanced.
  3. So far, they are working well for me. I'm testing the 6 and 8 in my small status jars and 10 and 12 for my med and there is only a slight difference in the burning for each size candle. With the htp's, I just couldn't get the right burn. It seemed that regardless of what size of jar size I was testing or what size of wick, it would either burn too hot or would tunnel. I have ordered the #2 and #3 woodwicks from Canwax as well, but found they didn't perform well for me although I loved the crackling! The flame was too high for both size status jars so I put the testing on the back burner and will come back to it once I get the regular wicks figured out. I probably should have ordered the sample pack though.
  4. Lol, I can only imagine! I received my order within a week of processing, which was awesome! It left Georgia back tracked to Miami, then to Montreal, then Ottawa. I hope you find a use for your ECO 10's and hopefully, I have more luck with my cd's than I did with the htp's!!
  5. Thank you TallTayl. I will give it a try. Not sure why older quotes reposted, so hopefully you get this
  6. Speaking of EO's, I've tried Lavender as well as a few citrus EO's in candles, but they end up smelling like fuel, so purchased them in the fo equivalent, and still the same odd smell. Has anyone had any luck with Lavender fo or any citrus ones? In melts, they work well, just not in candles.
  7. Hi Gary, I wonder why there aren't any Canadian companies that sell ECO or CD. I ended up ordering a sample pack from a US company, but cringed once I saw the total after shipping and exchange. I just hope I can find one that works. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a Canadian company that sells cd or eco wicks? I've been testing with htp, but the wicks I've tried are either too large or too small. Thanks!
  9. Hi, my name is Sandra and I'm from Ottawa, Ontario,.I've been making candles for a few years, but still haven't got the wicking part down, except for tealights. I also make bath products and recently started to dive into cold process soap. Happy to be here!
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