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  1. Has anyone tried these oils, or their soy? The have some FO dupes I'm interested in (particularly Jo Malone), but I can't find any reviews of them.
  2. Can anyone recommend a product liability insurer?
  3. I just spoke to the supplier and they suggested CD wicks. I have tried other wicks but never CD. If I see improvement, I will post.
  4. I have tried so hard to make GB 464 work, and I cannot get a good hot throw out of most of the candles I've made regardless of container, wick or various melt and pour temps. I've been committed to soy only, and do love the Millennium Blend from American Soy Wax, but still looking for more scent throw. I've finally decided that if I'm going to make a candle for performance, I should begin testing soy blends. Can someone recommend where to start? I've read a fair amount about the IGI 6006. Pros? Cons? Others?
  5. I only use soy in containers. Haven't ventured beyond those yet. Favorite: Midwest container wax with soy wax modifier (formerly Enchanted Lites) - eco wicks. Runner up: I've recently tried Millennium and I really like it. It's nice because you don't need a modifier. I order both from American Soy. No- go for me: GB464. I tried my best to figure this one out but just couldn't make it work. I greatly admire those who have. Based on Trappeur's comment about changing wicks, maybe it was the eco wicks, but it was entirely too fussy for me. On deck to try: I have a small bag of C3 that I am going to test this week. Who knows - could become my favorite. I've heard good things. Side note: I recently ordered some FOs from Wellington. I thought I'd give their soy a whirl, and was pleasantly surprised. Surprised only because it was not what I initially intended to order. Their soy is Well-Flakes, and I added a small amount of stearic acid. Performed beautifully with a number of test FOs (not Wellington's) on first try. Curious if anyone has worked with this and if it's reliable. Maybe it was a lucky strike for me. On the other hand, their FOs OOB are not strong at all. Haven't tested those yet.
  6. I'm new to the forum and really enjoying all the threads! I'm wondering how you "test" blend two fragrance oils? I read somewhere that you can get a sense of the blend by putting a drop or two of each FO on a cotton ball, but wondering how others do it.
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