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  1. Why do the links for your dye go to candle science web site?
  2. Naturesfragrance.com has 20% off orders of $25 or more as an overstock sale. They also give free samples on orders over $30 and have free shipping on orders over $40!!! Coupon code JUNE20 !!!!!
  3. I love this one! It also has great reviews! https://www.naturesfragrance.com/mahogany-teakwood-type-fragrance-oil/
  4. I think they just started the free shipping thing a couple weeks ago. Not sure exactly when though.
  5. Sorry, my phone died as I was typing a reply! Lol! Is there any specific types of scents that you prefer or look for? I have tried most of them, so I may be able to help.
  6. They also give free 1oz samples for orders over $30!! So if you order over $40, you get free shipping plus the free random sample!!
  7. At NF they have a list of their top 10 monthly sellers also! Like I said, there are some common ones, but there are also some very unique ones!
  8. I would highly suggest you check out www.naturesfragrance.com they have some dupes, but I know they try to have ones that are more unique.
  9. Yes!! And he hasn't released the code this month because he's been "too busy". I buy to from several suppliers, but Nature's Fragrance (used to be Nature's Items) is pretty much my go to. They are a fairly new company, only been in business about 2 years. They are a husband and wife team and they GET IT DONE. Right now, they only have oils and wax dye, but hopefully they will add on in the future. I have stopped buying from just scent as she was pretty scammy (lol, I use funny words too!), Buy there are other good places out there. As for the round clams, I think MS is one of the only places in the US that sell them. Hopefully there will be more soon.
  10. Eh, guess I'm completely giving up on Maple Street. It's been almost 2 months since he was supposed to have the new fragrances. Plus, he has said twice now this month that he was going to release a 5 for $5 coupon for the month of May and is now saying he's too busy with the new clamshells to release it. Now, I understand that things happen in business, but at this point it's just empty words. He talks big but does nothing.... It's not like I was real big into the oils there anyway, but I like to give companies a shot before I cross them off the list for good.
  11. Wait? Are you thinking nature's garden? Because I just checked and there is only 1 review for nature's items "new" chai tea, and it's from January.
  12. They had one, and they weren't happy with the strength or something, then they had it reformulated. When I'm making candles it smells like I have just made a cup of chai tea. It is delicious!!
  13. Chai tea from nature's items is AMAZING!!!
  14. I guess I just get excited for new fos!! The thing is, when any other company says they will have them, they do. Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime I will stock up at BB and NI.
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