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  1. @Testing123 I've been testing problend 600 and I agree with you that the tops are smooth with one pour. It's a beautiful wax. The hot throw doesn't seem any better to me than 464 though, which my primary reason for testing parasoy was to find better hot throw. Have you had good HT with the problend 600?
  2. evie

    Help wick testing IGI 6006!

    @littlehouse83 I feel your pain! I'm having kind of the opposite problem though. I can't seem to get a full melt pool (9oz straight sided jar.. a little over 2.5" diameter) and I'm having tunneling with each wick I've tried so far (a variety of sizes in CD and premier). So I'm curious.. did you have any wax hangup before this halfway point? Or has it melted cleaning the jar like that since your first burn? I think your candle looks really nice though! That's about the amount of melt pool I'd love to achieve in 2.5 hours, but it is a little unfortunate that the glass is too hot to touch. It probably wouldn't hurt to try an Eco 1 just to see if it helps with that. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.. but I think the Eco 1 recommendation for a votive is probably more for pure soy than a parasoy. Eco 1 in that size jar with 6006 might be just right.
  3. @LittleMissSunshine Hope you have better luck with the 8's! Let me know how it goes!
  4. @LittleMissSunshine Yep, that sounds exactly like what happened with my first few tests! I'm using a 9oz straight sided jar. I started with a CD 10 and 12 just like you. The CD 10 seemed like a great size flame on the first burn, but didn't get to a full MP in 4 hours. The next day when I relit it, the flame was flickering a lot, and just streaming soot. I had poured these test candles without wicks so I could just poke a hole in the solid wax and swap out wicks as needed. I definitely recommend trying that if you haven't.. saves wax/jars/wicks/sanity to a degree lol. I think it was @Flicker that mentioned she does this, and it's been a huge help to me! So anyway, I switched to a premier 775 for my next burn and while I got zero soot, my melt pool was no closer to being full at 3-4 hours, and tunneled again. So now at this point I've tried CD 8, 10, 12, and Premier 735, 745, 750, 755, 775, 780, 785. None of which have yet given me the non-tunneling melt pool my heart desires. So I'm not totally sure where I'll go next from here yet.
  5. @LittleMissSunshine Yes, agreed that we all have to choose based on what is most important to us personally. Thanks for sharing your experience! & Wishing you the best with your 6006 tests! Right now I'm trying to figure out how to get a full melt pool with 6006. Each wick I've tried so far seems to tunnel. I grew accustomed to the perfect melt pools that 464 gave me with hardly any effort.
  6. Hey everyone I'm curious what you all find/have found to be the most important factors in choosing a wax. My go-to for decision making is a good ol' reliable pro-con list, and so I made a list for each of the two types of wax I'm testing (464 and 6006). I've been working with 464 for about 5 months and just started testing 6006 about a month ago. I'm a little frustrated because 464 (in my opinion) has more pros than cons, but one of it's cons that I've experienced, which is a big one, is terrible HT. 6006, while it has more cons than pros (again, in my opinion) has an amazing HT. I'm not terribly interested in mixing the two, but I would if I had to. Not looking to try any other waxes at this point either. Thus enters my conundrum. Choosing a wax I enjoy in all aspects except it's hot throw (464), or choosing a wax I less-enjoy but has a great hot throw (6006). So I'm interested in hearing about your experiences in choosing a wax. Are you still working with the first wax you started with, and are you happy with it? Did you try several waxes to find one you were happy with? What was the most important factor in selecting your chosen wax?