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  1. I recently ran Zinc, CD, HTP, LX, and ECO for 6006 in a 8oz Libbey Rocks. LX and HTP came out ahead, with HTP outperforming LX as it did not product any soot for the majority of the scents I wanted. CD ran too hot and Zinc mushroomed like crazy.
  2. I bought this one ( recommended by Wirecutter ) and it can weigh to .01 ounces / .1 grams which should be all the precision you will ever need to measure fragrance for a single candle. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001RF3XJ2/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. I would love to stick to one wick +/- one size and simply drop FOs that don’t work within those parameters.
  4. After extensive jar / wax / wick testing, I am now moving on to fragrance testing with 5 of my friends testing. The last goal I am focused on is preventing any soot from appearing on my 8oz. Libbey rocks glass. Question 1: In a world of different fragrances and customers who power burn, is it unrealistic to expect that I can get all of my candles to burn soot free? I have landed on 6006 in a 8oz. rocks jar with LX-14. All of by burns without fragrance are doing great with no soot. As soon as I add fragrance some of the fragrances will eventually soot. Question 2: For each fragrance I want to develop, should I be wicking up / down and also changing to something like Zinc or CD and testing all combinations to decide on the ideal combination? I have all the patience in the world to develop the best candle I can, so am wondering: in a candle line of 8 different scents, do some people have a variety of different wick types and sizes to ensure the best burn for that particular fragrance? It seems to mean that each fragrance has different burn characteristics and that there must be an ideal wick and % fragrance if I keep the jar and wax the same. Or do others simply stick to the same wicks and only offer the fragrances that burn best under those conditions. In other words, do you let the wick or fragrance guide your candle line?
  5. Awesome answer and exactly the inspiration i was looking for.
  6. How did you specifically get started selling and promoting your candles? I know all about testing of candles before selling thanks to you guys. I would love to hear everyone's stories about the road leading up to selling your candles and how you changes your approach since then. Any great stories you want to share? Did you start by giving away to friends and word spread? Did you take the plunge and just started setting up at farmer's markets? Tell me your specific story on how you started in the business. I'd love to know. I find it inspiring.
  7. Yeah, I can see where fragrance can be a very addictive part of this. By the way, I think I got a process down to pour multiple scents in one session. An ordered checklist of steps helped out a lot once I did it a few times. Heating the individual pyrex cups before pouring in the wax and fragrance for mixing has been key to ensure the way doesn't cool down too fast. Outside of that, a pretty smooth process. As long as you have enough cups for wax / fragrance mixes and not having to clean any of them during your pours, it is is pretty efficient process. For each wax / fragrance mix, I have a dedicated pyrex cup for mixing, a smaller pyrex cup for the initial fragrance measurement, and a dedicated silicon spoon to mix. I do all cleanup afterwards using heatgun and paper towels.
  8. Aztec - Volcano Aztec - Monkey Farts Aztec - Black Sea NG - Crackling Firewood NG - Eucalytpus and Spearmint NG - Gingered Peach NG - Ferocious Beast CS - Egyptian Amber CS - Love Spell Lone Star - Cool Citrus Basil I have a lot more but haven't poured. I chose these based on initial reactions from some friends who simply smelled the fragrance's from the bottle.
  9. Yes, I think your approach is better. Isolating any variables is always a good idea. It may just take longer.
  10. I just got a bunch of different fragrance oils based on your recommendations from multiple fragrance threads. Hooray! I am curious how you go about testing a lot of scents for burn / throw and decide which ones may be winners / maybes / losers? Here is the approach I took. Would love your feedback on where I could improve or how you do it: Let's say I want to test 4 different fragrances. I have done a bunch of testing without fragrance oil, so I have a pretty good idea about a good performing jar / wax / wick combo. 1. Wick, label and record 4 jars in a spreadsheet which indicates each fragrance used, e.g. Candle #1 - Jasmine, Candle #2 - Vanilla, etc. 2. Measure out wax to fill 4 half jars. Let's just say I am going to fill 4 8oz jars up to 4oz for a total of 16 ounces of wax. 3. Melt the wax in a pour pot in a double boiler. 4. Measure out 6% ( 4oz x .06 = .24 oz ) of each FO in small pyrex jars and put to the side 5. When wax reaches desired temp in double boiler, pour 4oz of wax into a clean / empty mid sized pre-heated pyrex cup, and pour / mix in one of the FOs. 6. Put pour pot with remaining wax back in double boiler 7. Stir wax / fragrance for a little while. Measure temp and once you reached desired pour temp, pour. 8. Repeat steps 5 -7 until you pour remaining candles. 9. Cure for preferred amount of time. 10. Burn candles in 4 different rooms ( I am concerned I won't be able to smell anything by this point ) 11. Rate Hot Throw after first burn test ( How do you rate determine good hot throw anyway? ) 12. Perform multiple burn tests and rate burn. 13. Decide if each fragrance is a winner / loser / needs tweaking / wick up or down. Would love your feedback on the approach or more importantly your personal approach to testing multiple fragrances to decide on your next scent(s).
  11. Very close on the half pour @Trappeur. 1/8 inch to go which passes the test for me. Do you think it should be FMP after 3 hours on initial burn on a half pour in a 3" status jar?
  12. I am going through exhaustive testing with 12 oz. status jars right now and am finding good results with straight 6006 or 6006 mixed with 15 - 40% 464. 60% 6006 with 40% is burning really nicely but I am concerned the cure time will be too long to do throw tests in a timely manner. LX wicks definitely leading the pack when measuring soot, heat, mushroom. Zinc are doing great as well except for mushrooms. CD's also doing great but at times got way too hot on longer burns.
  13. I ended up doing a full and a half pour using identical wax / jar / wick. The half pour definitely burned faster out of the gate. After 3 hours the half pour had a larger melt pool but not by much.
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