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  1. Hey everyone! I normally wouldn't post this kind of thing but I figured it soy and coconut wax would best be used by all of you. I am moving in a couple weeks and do not feel like lugging my wax with me. I have 49lbs of NatureWax Coconut 2 and 9lbs of Golden Brands 464. I live in Lancaster, PA. If interested, swing a text at 717-682-7108!
  2. @Trappeur any insight? I can't remember but I thought you had posted something about experimenting with coconut. Maybe I am mistaken..
  3. Thanks for the response @Linda P! I actually just tested a burn with the base (coco2) yesterday without adding more soy to it. I used 6% in a 4oz amber jar. I let it sit 48 hours, as I've read that's what some people on here recommended. The CT was awesome, HT, not so much at all. Did not even fill up my 4x10 bathroom. I'm not sure if it was the wax, as I have read that people with this ratio see awesome HT. It could be because I was unfamiliar with the wax and let it get to 220 while melting. I added at 200 and poured at 185. Not sure if that effected it or not, but the no HT is d
  4. Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well. I have been working away from soy a bit and going to a coconut base. I know there are a ton of people on here experimenting with other waxes than soy. I just wanted to get an idea of what your findings are if you are willing to share! The other day I ordered the Naturewax Coconut 2..coconut 98%, soy 2%. -Obviously, they are a bit soft after they set for a day. What's the type of wax and % are you using to harden the wax. Is it affecting your HT? -I used eco 4,6,8 and some very small wooden wicks to test. Seeing as coconut takes a
  5. @lenarenee following this thread and seeing how you made out with the coco83 and the wooden wicks. I'm about 2 seconds away from buying the coco83. What wood wick worked best? Have you tried the eco's and how did they perform? I believe the ratio is 98%coconut/2% soy- is there any parafin addatives in there do you know? How does it hold up to heat, I would assume since it's 98%coco it would melt in heat and cause slumping? Let me know what your findings are!!
  6. thanks @olives ! Do you currently go with coconut? How is the HT compared to others you may have personally used? Any advice you would give?
  7. got ya. So because I'm starting out and more than likely going to try other waxes, what do I need to know. What makes each type of wax hard to work with? Is it simply FO % and wick testing, or is it what to blend with each type of wax? I'd like to experiment with beeswax and/or coconut wax, but I have no clue what I should be adding, mixing with it, or much about it. You have any tips/guidelines for these things?
  8. @TallTayl I'm curious what wax would you switch to and why?
  9. wick was eco 2 for a 2.5 in x4 in container. It was suppose to be eco 6-10 I believe. That is more than likely the hot throw issue. But seeing all these posts about HT in soy because the soy is messed up is making me skeptical about buying another bag of soy..
  10. @Sarah S Thanks for the feedback! I used GW464, 6% FO. Added at 185 and poured at 135. Some issues with wet spots in maybe 2 in the whole lot, but overall, no problem with appearance or smoothness. They sent me the wrong wicks, so that could be the HT problem. I cured for 2 weeks. Since I am in the beginning stages and not looking to start a business quite yet until I spent a great deal of time perfecting this process, I still have to keep the prospect of a business in mind. I am a conservationist, so using paraffin or petroleum based product is not in my nature to buy, let alone
  11. Hey everyone! I have made more than a couple batches so far of GB 464. As I found the CT was awesome but the HT was not good, I started reading up and down this blog. While it may be the wicking (I'll find out soon when new batch cures), I am weary to keep spending money on what seems like a shaky soy market. I bought 4 candles from 4 different companies that are 100% soy and they are awesome. Seems like conflicting thoughts out there. 1) If I was to simply test a couple different wax makeups, which would you recommend? (beeswax+cococut, parasoy, etc..) 2) How do the %
  12. Dang, that is a timesaver. Mind blown! That's why I got on here haha. You have mentioned that when soy was good. Have you switched from soy to something else?
  13. Thanks @moonshine. One last one. I know Candlescience gives you a general "use this wick for this wax". Obviously testing is in order for all these. Have you found one brand has been a staple of yours and you decide to wick up or down depending on batch, size, etc? Or do you test each batch with a bunch of different brands of wicks and then choose?
  14. Thank you all for your input! A couple more.. -The first two batches I actually used the eco 2 (they shipped the wrong ones to me), so that explains the tunneling and bad hot throw. I have heard that candle science Eco wicks are not good and people are having issues. My first two batches HT was decent, but at 6% I thought it would be a lot more with the FO I used. CT was excellent, HT not so much. Any insight? -I ordered wood wicks to try. Any experience with those? -What soy brand are you using? Apparently the GW464 is very inconsistent and people are losin
  15. Hey everyone! I am new to not only this forum but to making candles as well! I am having a great time making candles, but I am new and I realize the importance of learning from the seasoned people in the group here. I wanted to ask a few questions but also wanted to hear things you struggled with in the beginning and have since learned from! Open to all opinions 1) I am currently using 464 GW, soy. I set the candles with the Eco 10 wick. I have been pouring into 4oz and 8oz jars. There are so many opinions on wax and the 464 seems to be the best for less frosting and bubbling, howe
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