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  1. No, not sure what the different combination of plastic is, but not all plastic beads will soak up the oil and color
  2. Lonestar candle has good scents and dyes. Bittercreek beads are good.
  3. Aromabeads online and Buy It Ship It are the same people. Mother and Son so same beads.
  4. I get Mine from Texas Candle Company.
  5. How much are they?
  6. Yes, those do look nice Margie, but for me the scent lasted only a week, MAYBE two. Yes, I did all The things you suggested in your post and still the same results, PLUS they would never melt the same. The middle was never done and trust me, I played woth All heat and time settings. At some point you have to cut your losses because you are spending a MINT to get it right. I dont Have to do that with the company I use now And YES they do have FREE SHIPPING!
  7. I use Both of this as well, I am looking for a nice clean strong scent
  8. Did you ever order from them? If so, how did they work out?
  9. Have you made fresheners with them? If so are they strong and long-lasting?
  10. Hi guys!! What are some of your strongest scents for your aromabead freshies and where do you get them? I’m looking for some strong valentines and spring scents. One of my fall faves and strongest scents was the pumpkin scents from Lonestar!
  11. I just Trim mine as well. I dont Get too many with the PP4F beads, but I like the way the look when they are trimmed. I feel It’s much more professional.
  12. @katmeltswax where do you get your bags from?
  13. Yes! I wouls Let them cure an extra day or so after they are dry. I find It helps them maintain their scent. Also, use glass jars to cure them.
  14. I am Not a fan of aromabeads online AT ALL!! They do not last!! Buy it ship it is the same company. It’s just her son. I’ve made the ornies with PP4F and done craft shows with them. They have NEVER melted. Not in the car, not at a craft show...never. I have cured and baked exactly to the specific instructions with the Aromabeads online and I can only get them to last 2 weeks at the MOST! The PP4F are lasting up to 6 weeks, some scents even longer! My mom has had a cinnamon vanilla in her truck for 2 months now! No one will make me believe you can get that out of aroma beads online! I’ve tried them over and over again!! PP4F did get a bad batch of beads a while back but I called and He replaced my beads. He called his supplier and they got it figured out immediately. I’m a fan.
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