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  1. I'm definitely going to give the skewers a try! Another thing I have noticed when I'm test burning are little air bubbles near the wick when it's lit, as well as little sink holes too. I'm betting I have too many air cavities. I liked your ideas of warming a tile and putting a large plastic bin over them, as well as the hot bath idea. Do you recommend a certain pouring temp? I've been pouring at 160 degrees. Should I wait till it gets cloudy, around 100 degrees then pour? Will gladly take any pouring temp suggestions!
  2. Thank you so much for your reply! I was told by a few different candle places that 24 hours was enough time to let the candle dry and then another place said 72 hours, but I will let my testers sit for at least a week to two weeks! When I say immediately tunneling, I mean that when I light for the very first time, you can tell that it is burning way too deep right away and not expanding enough towards the outside of the jar. I hope that helps clarify a little. I'm willing to bet that I have air pockets and will definitely try poking holes with a skewer. Do you poke all the way down to the bottom of the container near the wick or just a little bit? I want to make sure I do it correctly! I'll also look at the thread you shared. Thank you
  3. Hi, I am new here and have searched all over different discussions and haven't had much success finding an answer to my issue. I am having some MAJOR trouble wicking my C3 wax. I've used almost every single wick there is and still don't know what wick I should be using for this wax. I love C3 and the scent throw it provides, but all of my candles aren't reaching full melt pool. Details of everything are below. Containers: 3" diameter x 3.75" tall Fragrance Load: 6% Pour Temp: 160 degrees I have tried the following wicks: HTP 104, 105, 126 and 1212. Premier 765-795 CD 16-22 ECO 12-16 None of these reached full melt pool and some immediately started tunneling. The HTP 1212 was recommended to me for my container size and wax type, but the flame dances and flickers like crazy (no draft or anything near by) and still tunneled a little bit. I understand that C3 is a slow burning wax, but is it that difficult to wick? I spent so much time and money on wicks, wax and fragrance and am getting discouraged at this point. I always let my candles sit for at least 72 hours before I test burn. Any recommendations or help would be much appreciated!
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