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  1. Oh yeah! It was definitely the temperature and how fast it was cooling. I *wanted* to add the fragrance higher, but it was such a small amount of wax that it cooled so quickly before I could even add the fragrance. I'm doing it in my double boiler now so I can keep the temperature up while I add the fragrance. I also added a bit more fragrance lol just to see what happened. I made some blueberry cheesecake ones yesterday, and my husband decided to test them after like 3hrs and they filled my whole house. 😍
  2. Another little update in case anyone is interested. I made a batch of melts in my metal pouring pot over a double-boiler to keep everything nice and hot, since it was a small batch again. I also moved my wax burner into my bedroom. My living room is connected to my kitchen and it's a really big open room. Put a wax melt on there from about 36hrs ago and shut the bedroom door (it's the second largest room in my house). Opened the door a little later and could smell the wax melt from the far opposite corner of the room.
  3. Yeah it's 100% paraffin, even my distributor said I should only need a 24hr cure. Here I'll post a picture so you can see what I found. These are completely hardened and solid, but you can see liquid. That is all fragrance that did not get mixed into any of the rest of my wax.
  4. Just an update on this, in case anyone is interested haha. I called my distributor, and they gave me a recommendation for a different ratio and fragrance load. But I actually think I figured out what the issue may be, hopefully. I think because of the way I'm melting the wax the fragrance is not getting fully incorporated. I'm using a pretty small amount, like less than half a lb of wax, and melting it in a presto pot, then pouring that into a glass measuring cup. I then mix in the dye and fragrance. It cools very quickly, so I almost immediately pour it. It goes from 185 to 145 in a matter of probably 2min. Maybe even less. But anyway. On my batch that I had made the other day I had a bit of extra wax leftover so I poured it into a silicone mold. Today I went to take it out and it was kind of like when you try to take an ice cube out of the tray before it's fully frozen and the outside is frozen but the water in the middle kind of spills out? That's what happened. So I think that was just fragrance oil. On the batch I made today I did a slightly bigger batch, not much, to try to avoid that, but after I had poured my clamshells I still had a bit left in the bottom of my measuring cup and it looked like oil and wax (I think) that didn't get mixed. There was some darker and some lighter. It definitely looked weird. So I'm going to try just doing everything in a metal pouring pot double boiler like I was doing before, to see if that makes a difference.
  5. I made some clamshells... 50/50 4630/4625 with 6% tested them after about a day. Did not smell them very strongly. Tried half a Yankee tart, didn't smell a thing. Not a whiff. Thought to myself, hmmm....maybe something is wrong with my burner. Walmart was out of bulbs, so I bought a whole new burner. I made another batch of clamshells, 10% this time...a little high, but I wanted to see. They cooled very very fast because I was doing a small amount, so I ended up adding fragrance and dye at like...150 and pouring at like 140 while it cooled to the sides. I tried one like 8hrs later in my new burner. It was really weird, because the scent seemed....spotty? to me. Like I would smell it really really strongly for a minute then not at all. Now I am trying it again 2 days later and *nothing*. I don't get it. I don't understand how it could smell pretty strong one minute and then 0 throw the next day (and two days later).
  6. I kind of want to try out wood wicks and wondering if anyone has had success with them in a certain wax. I have lots of 6006, and a little bit of 464. Also considering trying a sample of 4630.
  7. For soy I prefer uncolored. For paraffin I prefer colored.
  8. I am finding that 6006 is pretty easy to over-wick. I'm using 9oz straight-sided jars which are about 2.75" wide I think? I forget now. I started testing with CD-12s, then 10s, then 8s, now 7s. And by half to 2/3 of the way down it is a torch that gets WAY too big and hot. To the point that it actually stops throwing mid-burn. I also test without trimming, but that is because I know all of my family and friends do not trim their wicks so I want to know how they will burn the way my family burns them lol. I will be testing CD-6's next and hoping that is small enough lol.
  9. That brittle-ness may have been what he was referring to. I use an ice cream scoop to get 6006 out of the box. Very easy. But having to chisel slab waxes apart can result in lots of pieces everywhere. Very messy lol.
  10. How is this going for you @Tokoo? I am using 6006 for containers and wanted to try something a little different for clamshells. 4625 seems like it could be good as it would make it harder, so I am wondering if you are having success. Maybe I will try it out too. ☺
  11. Aww that's sad. 😞 luckily it's one that I'm not super broken up about it not performing well. I like the fragrance, but I'm not terribly upset I guess. There are others I would be much more disappointed about.
  12. Sort of yeah. It's kinda hard to describe. I think it must be just that one fragrance though.
  13. I am thinking now that it's coming from the specific fragrance oil. I'm burning a candle I made a week ago with Island Hibiscus from CS 6% and it is burning and throwing wonderfully.
  14. I believe I made it about a month ago. I've burned it a few times since then.
  15. I'm also getting soot on the jar, but I really don't think I'm over-wicked with a CD-7....
  16. I am using 6006 in 9oz straight-sided jars. They hold about 6.5oz of wax and I've been using 6% fragrance load from Candle Science with CD-7, 8, and 10 wicks (testing currently). I'm finding that when my candles are burning I get a strange smell along with the fragrance. Like it smells like the wax is burning or something. Any idea what could be causing this?? Also no additives or dye at the moment.
  17. I am very interested in this thread as I have been having trouble with 6006. I have had people swear that 6006 has a fantastic HT after just 24hrs. I have been having an incredibly weak HT after several days and changing my wick size hasn't changed anything. Do you all really stand by 2 weeks for a 70% paraffin wax? I'm not opposed to trying it, just surprised is all I guess. And a little disappointed haha. I was under the assumption that 6006 didn't require a long cure like pure soy.
  18. I quote this exact quote to my daughter all the time! 😂 I say it so much I had to bring her to the butter aisle to show her what parkay is lol.
  19. Okay whew this is a lot to reply to and I am super sleep-deprived because my poor baby was up sick all night last night puking so bear with me haha. I definitely agree that different fragrances throw differently. citrusy and some florals tend to be lighter. Pomegranate is a richer one though if I'm not mistaken? I was testing two at a time mostly just because I wanted to compare the two wicks to see which burn I preferred. The 7 and 8 are pretty similar, but I might lean more towards the 7 for customers and family who I know probably aren't going to trim their wicks.... 😒 the 6006 has cured for about a week and a half by now. I think my first burn was right on the one week mark. I could definitely try a longer cure. I'm definitely not trying to complain, so I hope no one thinks that's what I'm doing Haha. On the contrary, I'm mostly just wondering if I will need a larger sized candle to fill such a large space. I will do what I can to get a great throw from my candles, but I know that even under perfect circumstances there are limits. I guess I'm just wondering what those limits are. ☺
  20. Right now I am testing Candle Science's Pomegranate. It's a pretty rich fragrance. I know with more citrusy ones like Love Spell I sometimes have had issues in candles sometimes, but citrusy ones are just lighter and more difficult.
  21. I am currently testing 6006 in 9oz Straight-Sided jars with CD-7 and CD-8 wicks and about a 7% Fragrance Load. They seem to be performing very well. There was a bit of hang up the first few burns, but it is catching up now in later burns. There is sometimes a little bit of soot, but not too bad. I am wondering about the Hot Throw. And here is my problem: My living room and kitchen are one big open attached room. When I burn both in the middle of both rooms the scent doesn't quite fill all the way to the edges of the room(s) on either side. If I burn only one I can barely even smell it standing next to it. If I burn it in our game room just one fills the room nicely; it is like the size of a rather small bedroom. Is it unreasonable of me to ask more than that of my candles? A 9oz straight-sided jar (7oz of wax) with about 7% fragrance to fill a large room? I purchased a 13oz candle at walmart made by Better Homes & Garden and in less than an hour it filled the living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and the bathroom. (our home is a single-floor ranch style). Again....I just want to know what is a reasonable or unreasonable Hot Throw for me to demand of the size candles I am currently making.
  22. I should come visit with my husband haha. He is a huge history buff. This year for his birthday we are going to a war machine history museum lol. 😂 Maine is pretty nice. Summer gets pretty humid, but it's rarely *too hot* to bear. On a really hot day just drive 10min to a lake or two hours to the ocean and that'll cool you off real quick haha! And Spring and Autumn are beautiful. Winter lasts forever though lol.
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