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    No HT with GW 464

    @TallTayl that's very interesting! I may give tempering a try to see if there's any difference in HT at the 2 week mark. Thanks for sharing your theory.
  2. erinlouise

    No HT with GW 464

    I'm doing my best to figure out 464 as well. Just this morning I lit a candle I poured 3 months ago (that I had written off after its 2 week cure when I wasn't happy with the HT) and it literally filled the room and smelled amazing. Best HT I've gotten out of any of my tests. It was apple harvest from CS at 6%. But 3 months?! *sigh* So I'm curious.. does anyone here get a *really good* hot throw in 464 with a 2 week cure? Is it actually possible?