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  1. Thanks for the info and replies! I'm brand new to this forum and so glad I found y'all!
  2. What's did you mean by "affected by the Citral shortage"? Haven't heard about that...
  3. Has anyone ever gotten a scent that you've ordered before, but then didn't work? One of my most popular scents is Volcano that I was getting from Aztec, and I ordered 2 -32oz bottles during a promotion they had and found it didn't work at all under the exact same circumstances. I called and they said no one else had the same problem. I have tried EVERY variation you can imagine trying to figure it out! I found it works ok in a room spray (I use a base of vodka & water) but the smell disappears within 5 minutes. HELP! I have many requests for this scent, do I dare try ordering it again? Any
  4. I agree with Karen M, Candle Cocoons Raspberry Cordial is the best I've found. Not crazy about alot of their scents, but they are good quality and strong! Their blueberry is the best I've found!
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