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  1. I'm interested in buying a larger wax melter something that holds 75 -100 lbs of wax. water jack or non water heater. what's your favorite??
  2. good morning, I was wondering if anyone makes there own fragrance oils with perfume oils, ? if so what is your percentage of oils to the base do you use?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm interested in trying Wooden Wicks. Can I get pros and cons. Also a good company to order them from please.
  4. @TallTayl, can you share the excel spread sheet with a fake formula lol. I've been trying to all day and I can't not figure it out. I'm trying to do a recipe/cost pre candle.
  5. Good Morning, I was wondering how people store there formulas? Does anyone have /use a good formula calculator? What about excel? I have never used excel but it looks like a great place to store our recipes. thanks in advanced, Dlourence
  6. Thanks @talltayl... I was think in the future if I want to ship these candles would the coconut83 by itself Melt in the summer? I think I need a class on wicks! Any suggestion lol
  7. hello candlers, I'm new to this hobby. I have only used coconut wax. I've been ready on this this forum and now i'm a little concerned.lol should I blend it with something else? could someone share a the best blend they came up with. what is the best wick with that blend my vessel isTop Diameter: 2 7/8" Bottom Diameter: 3 1/4"Height: 4 1/8"Capacity: 12 oz. (measurements from website) use eco wicks. Is that the best wick with my coconut83 wax?
  8. Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone uses a belly vessel 4.5" top W 5" bottom W I use coconut wax and eco wicks? I was thinking ECO 6?? any suggestion??
  9. Roughly what temp would you add the F.O.?
  10. Roughly at what temp do you add the scent? Do you heat the wax up to 185 degrees?
  11. Yes it’s does belly out lol. I do trim wick ever few hour and right when I lite it. I burn min of 2hours but 4 hours on an average
  12. I feel like I’m losing a lot of wax🤔
  13. What’re do you get your wax? Do you have a F.O. Company you love! Here is my candle right now. That a ECO 8 wick
  14. kandlekrazy what would you say is a proper cure time?
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