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  1. Kelly04

    Creamy Sugar Scrub Recipe

    Thanks y'all for responding. Well I've made both. With the fbb I add some light oil and butter ..makes for a nice scrub but ..to me.. drying. Then the emulsified ones seem too oily. I would love to have a happy medium. I've never had prob working with fbb ..the sugar incorporates well, etc. Maybe I will jist have to get in there and play around. I appreciate your input!
  2. Hello ! I am new here and wow I've been reading diff topics like a novel lol. I am trying to see if you have ever created an emulsified yet foaming sugar scrub? I have made one with fbb and other just emulsified. First is too drying ..the later is too oily. What do you think about combining and any suggestions as to how to formulate?

  3. Kelly04

    Creamy Sugar Scrub Recipe

    I have read, searched for a long time with no results. I am wanted to make an emulsified scrub BUT with foaming bath butter too. I have made both but would love to see what it would be like blended. Is this a possibility? Any experienced formulaters ? Thank you.