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  1. Either meter off the flame or manually increase your shutter speed. You may need to post process the image a bit.
  2. This place looks interesting for a free, no fees online business account: www.azlo.com
  3. Do you do Apples/Peaches year round or just in the fall/holidays? I'm not sure which way to go on it.
  4. Right, and it isn't like you're taking out a loan...you're just opening a checking account and putting YOUR money into it.
  5. I hate the bank thing. They like charging all sorts of fees for business accounts. Right now I don't have one, but that may change, especially if I can find a free one online. I did the LLC, but in Michigan it is easy ($25-50/year, simply file online). I need to do the HSCG thing yet, and did apply for my sales tax info, which is taking longer than I thought it would.
  6. Just got the order. Some interesting OOB smells. I particularly like the Lemon Pound Cake, Mulberry, November Rain, Spiced Apple/Peaches, and Lavender Sage. We'll see how everything performs in wax. I will say the Smores reminds me of Hot Cocoa from NG. I smelled both next to each other and I'd say the Hot Cocoa is a bit more cocoa-y. I don't get much toasted marshmallow from the FB Smores.
  7. Ugh, I kinda want this as my larger size container, but I'm planning to put a round logo label on the lid of my candles, and I'm not sure how that will look on a hammered top. Hmmmm.
  8. Is Aztec good for herbals? That is a zone I seem to have trouble finding good FOs for, but it sounds like from the two you listed that Aztec may be a good option.
  9. All new and just 1 oz sample sizes. Just what I needed was another FO supplier though! Trying to narrow down my final candle lineup with a good selection of diverse choices, and it looks like plenty of folks here like them, so I figured I'd give them a shot.
  10. Just ordered these with their sale. Clearly I have a problem!! Cinnamon Broom Fragrance Cucumber Melon Fragrance Lemon Pound Cake Fragrance Mulberry Fragrance Mulled Cider Fragrance Spiced Apple and Peaches Fragrance PEACE FRAGRANCE Vanilla Ice Cream Fragrance Iced Cranberry Type Fragrance November Rain Type Fragrance Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Type Fragrance Gaia MW Type Fragrance Sea Witch MW Type Fragrance Lavender Sage MW Type Fragrance Fall Festival MW Fragrance Bergamot Tobacco MW Type Fragrance Goddess MW Type Fragrance Spring Meadow by BBW Type Fragrance This Old House Type Fragrance EXONERATED FRAGRANCE BLONDE MOMENT Fragrance Smores Type Fragrance
  11. What does everyone use for padding within the shipment? Peanuts? Brown craft paper?
  12. Even worst case, these are still nice, large advertisements that aren't as easily lost as standard sized business cards and cost almost the same.
  13. That's an interesting idea. So the front is logo/image with contact/website/social media info and the back is the packing list for each order. Plus it would help them remember which scents they ordered from you in the past. Plus plus, 4x6 printing is in theory easy to do in Word. I like it.
  14. And there is @MilosCandles with a unique and clever way to do things!! Thanks; great ideas!
  15. Maybe I skip the phone number and address and do the social media stuff. I guess it depends if it is meant so customers can contact the person or just find and order and follow the shop itself.
  16. Nice! Crap I forgot my twitter, FB, and Instagram!
  17. Here's what I've come up with thus far: Front: Back:
  18. Anyone have any examples of their business cards? Just curious if people do standard formatting (Company name, your name, URL, email, etc.) or something different? Thinking of going with a circular one for uniqueness, even though they are a bit pricey.
  19. Ha, well I did have a Wix account for a year that I never did anything with, so I totally get the overwhelmed into inaction point. Plus, with the cost of insurance what it is, I need to prioritize where my investment goes at the start. And don't get me started about bad football teams, I went to U of Illinois...I'd just be happy with a good basketball team!
  20. Right, or do you just have a URL that points to your Etsy store and call it a day? I assume the main point of having your own site is to save on the listing fees that Etsy charges, and of course, the ability of someone to stumble across you via "Googling". Perhaps it depends if one plans to generate business locally via craft fairs, farmers markets, etc., where customers can reorder via the website, or if one plans to simply run online and generate customers from Etsy/Amazon.
  21. The Square store replaces the Shopify/BC part of things, not Etsy. It is a very basic one page store, which for candles, may not be bad. It is free, but again, has very limited features compared to Shopify/BC. Decisions decision!
  22. So you'd still go Shopify vs. Bigcommerce for newer folks? Yeah, I have a Square account and was thinking of going with their free web store to start (along with Etsy/FB). I guess it depends what your future customers expect.
  23. I'm not against monthly subscriptions, but as @MilosCandles stated, if I'm just starting out with limited sales, I probably want to start on the inexpensive side. However, I'm sure customers don't want to see me changing systems every 5 seconds as I grow. I'll check out Bigcommerce; I do like the all in one option, and with my semi-limited time, I'd prefer to spend my time, as you said, marketing and making product.
  24. Just started burning Cinnamon Buns in 4630 and holy hot throw, it is impressive. Definitely has the sweet frosting scent of the buns.
  25. Great info. So how do you charge shipping on your website sales? Fixed amount? Exact cost to you?
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