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  1. 9 hours ago, xxxAlpha71xxx said:

    While not ancient, this is a bit of an old post that I just ran across but I thought I'd toss in an additional option.  If you have a thermometer that takes a type k probe you could also use something like this, most likely.  




    Oooo, I like that.  I have thermocouple readers I could probably bring home from work and use.  May be worth an order.

  2. So my wife REALLY loves the smell of flowering crab trees and of course told me to go find a fragrance oil that matched it.  I have yet to find one through my Google searches.  I've tried a few other "flowering tree" FOs, but none have been close.  Has anyone run across something that matches the scent of flowering crab trees?  

  3. What I found was that color accuracy between color lasers varies significantly.  I started with a Brother, but my red was printing out nothing like it looked on the screen.  I tried everything to adjust.  I then found a used HP that is much better (I'll get exact info when I get home today).  Only issue with that one is I can't print on 2 sides of the paper.  It has worked well thus far and the color is spot on without any adjustments.  

  4. 1 hour ago, bfroberts said:

    I think it depends on your wax and your container.  I use containers that are significantly taller than they are wide.  If I have a FMP early on, I'm left with a hot mess near the bottom.  The solution is to wick cool enough that some hangup stays around for the first couple of burns.  Additionally, different waxes burn differently.  Some pool out wide and some pool deep before widening.  As with everything else in candle making, there are a ton of factors and it's all a balancing act.


    Agreed on the balancing act, and we all have different targets!  In my particular case, I had hangup on one side until the last 1/3 of the candle or so, where things caught up.  Good point by @birdcharm that part of the ambiance with containers is the light coming out through the glass in the middle.  Of course this wouldn't have been an issue if my new batch of 4630 matched my old batch!  😅

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  5. 6 hours ago, BusyBee said:

    Everyone would have different preference on this subject.  I am one of those that is aiming for full melt pool from top to bottom.  For me, it just look better and right.  If you can achieve it without container getting too hot, then go for it.  It can be done.  It does get hotter bottom 1/4, but you still can make it a lot cooler than many name brand candles.



    Agreed that compared to mass market candles, we're probably a lot cooler.  Metal vs. glass may matter as well.  It is amazing the difference in behavior between the top 1/4 and bottom 1/4.  

  6. I know this is probably a basic question, and maybe simply a personal preference, but what sort of burn behavior do you look for when burning a container candle?  I recall reading in a previous thread that one shouldn't expect a full melt pool until the 2nd or 3rd burn.  I've also read that you wick for the last 1/3-1/4 of the container.  


    A few things I'm interested in:


    1.  Where in the jar during the burn do you target a full melt pool, all the way to the edges?   Do you typically error on the side of over wicking where full wax melt pool and no wax on the wall happens earlier in the jar or do you error on the lower end of wicking where the a full, side-to-side melt pool doesn't occur until the last 1/4 jar?

    2.  How long do you tolerate wax grabbing on the side of the jar?  

    3.  When doing this evaluation, do you burn 3-4 hours at a time, do power burns, everything/anything else?


    I may be over thinking this, but I'm an engineer, so I can only be me!!  

  7. Interestingly enough, I just got a new batch of 4630 and while the "look" was the same, I had to rewick.  I blend it with 464 and couldn't figure out why my melt pools were no longer as large as they were before.  Then I remembered I started in on a new batch of 4630.  My guess it is about 1/2 a wick different, but still, now I've learned I need to check this every time I get a new batch.  

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  8. 19 hours ago, MilosCandles said:

    If you candle packaged weighs less than 16oz (1 pound) I would use 1st class mail.  ~5.50.  Anything over 1 pound you have to use Priority Mail.


    This is basically the new size box I use.



    I can fit up to 5 of my cans in it, Shipping starts at $7.80 for local and then goes up based on distance.


    Do you no longer ship regional rate boxes?  Is this one more efficient?

  9. Ugh, I hate wicks.  Went to the HTP 62...still had issues.  Went to the 73, way too hot (at least on the edge of the top of the CC jar).  What the heck?!?  Going to go back to the 62 again to see what happens.  Anyone know of any wicks that may land between the 62 and 73 in other lines?  


    Edit:  Trying CD8s now.  Seem to be slightly smaller diameter than the 73, so perhaps it will work.  


    Edit edit:  CD8s too big.  Down to CD6s.  

  10. So I just burned the Bear Claws this weekend.  It is definitely different from Cinnamon Buns.  IMO, it was not as cinnamon-y, but sweeter and less cream cheese-y (if that makes ANY sense).  I wasn't a super big fan of it, but I can see it being a good bakery scent.  

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  11. 9 hours ago, Marleigha said:

    Just seen your comment about the cinnamon buns!  Good to know!  I have their Bear Claws and their Vanilla Frosted Graham..... Would you say the Cinnamon Bun is different then those 2?  

    Are there any others that you really like from ICS?  😇


    Funny you should ask, as I just went through and documented my stock of "threw well and smelled good" samples.  Here is what I have from ICS:


    Cinnamon Buns

    Boo Berry (I love that cereal)

    Cactus Sea Salt

    Spiced Cranberry

    Coffee Beans

    Christmas Kitchen

    Sugared Spruce

    Toasted Marshmallow


    I can't say I've tested a TON from them, but most that I have tested were pretty good.  I do have Bear Claws made up and ready to test.  I will let you know how it does.  

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  12. I actually just "sold" some tester candles to a co-worker of my wife's who has not been able to go to Homegoods to restock her candle supply during this whole insanity.  If I was smart, I would really ramp things up during this time as I'm sure she's not alone not having a source for candles, but I'm the glacier of candle and soap selling!!  

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