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  1. KateR

    My First Sundae Candles

    Thanks! I haven’t actually tried burning them yet. Two of the folks I made them for said they won’t burn them (close friends & I told them I had not done a test burn). I decided to keep the third. :-)
  2. Thanks so much. I don't plan to sell these, so I'm fine taking a risk on myself. LOL! I totally agree on the risk on labeling.
  3. KateR

    My First Sundae Candles

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments. I thought they might be fun to make with my daughter & her friends. I think I'll make a less fancy one to test
  4. I am so happy at how my first attempt at sundae candles turned out. The ice cream is scented with sugar cookie, and the bottom part is scented with blackberry (from RE). The fruit embeds are from Tropical Breeze Candles. I made them for myself, my sister & a family friend - who know these are first attempts & no great burn or scent is guaranteed! Lol. I almost hate to do a test burn. There was enough left for a tiny float in a mini mason jar shot glass.
  5. It did!! My whole house smells wonderful. LOL
  6. MMMM - all these ideas smell so good. I am so bummed. I placed an order with Aztec for the first time, including scents such as Cantaloupe & Lily, Raspberry Lemonade, & Coconut Lime Breeze - and when they arrived the top was loose on the Cantaloupe. It had leaked all over the bag! I just emailed them with pictures. Hoping they at least replace the Cantaloupe. I'm looking forward to surprising my daughter with a Blood Orange candle. She LOVES Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange perfume. In fact, if anyone knows of a good dupe, please let me know.
  7. Hi, I am relatively new to candle & tart making but seem to be getting the hang of it. I want to try making a massage candle & found links to Soapqueen’s recipes on this forum. It seems a lot like making lotion bars. My question is on soy waxes. I have 2 blends that I know can’t be used - a parasoy & GB 464. However, I also have some GB 402 on the way for another project. From what I’ve read, this is pure soy, has a low melt point and is FDA approved. I’ve seen conflicting thoughts on using it in cosmetics (lotion bars & massage candles), though. Is there any reason not to use 402 in skincare products? I specifically want a low melt point. And I really don’t want to buy more wax just for a few massage candles for personal use. Thoughts?