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  1. 15-7.1=7.9 so how is it 7.3 ounces? Also i don't see why you are so persistent on continuing with the fact I said volume earlier. I knew what you meant and therefor and have been saying weight not volume but you can't get that into your head I'm talking about weight, not volume. As Sebleo mentioned, should probably be around 7oz as I do not want it filled that high in the jar but I was looking for 8 ounces so I will have to dim down the WEIGHT to accommodate towards the neck of the jar. I was trying to ask if the candle looked right as I filled with my desired weight 8 ounces and almost to the top but you persisted on ignoring that and continue to want to talk about how I used volume earlier not weight which I clearly understand and why I measured the candle in the picture with pound/ounces not fl oz.
  2. Here, does this help you finally understand that I'm not talking about volume anymore so we can finally get past that part. 7.1 ounces empty, 15 ounces filled, that's 8 ounces and that is the same candle in the picture I showed earlier almost to the brim of the candle jar.
  3. You are really starting to piss me off. I have told you several Farfegnugening times that the candle in the damn picture is by weight. WEIGHT WEIGHT WEIGHT NOT VOLUME. 8 OUNCES OF WEIGHT NOT 8 OUNCES OF VOLUME. I understand you are telling me to do by weight I get that, I haven't been talking about volume at all since i first put the message up over an hour ago but you apparently think I am still using volume not weight. What I'm trying to tell you now, that picture with the damn candle in it, it should look like that then??????? It's fill with 8 OUNCES OF WEIGHT NOT VOLUME. It doesn't seem right to me as it's almost over the top. THAT'S WHAT I'M TRYING TO CONVEY TO YOU. No i don't live in Canada, I never said where I lived but I live in the United States.
  4. But i'm selling 8 oz candle and the picture is 8oz candle filled with 8oz of weight NOT VOLUME AS I'VE JUST MENTIONED PAST COUPLE OF COMMENTS. After i included the picture you assumed I was intentionally being an asshole to you "i know not they exact words" and giving you a hard time. That is 8oz of weight in the jar and you are pretty much telling me that the candle in the picture shouldn't look like that, so what the hell do I do then. You are confusing teh hell out of me by telling me the 8oz candle I've included as a picture is not what should look like.
  5. You make no sense at all. I need 8oz to label the candle as 8oz candle but you say put 6oz I'm not making a 6oz candle, I'm making a 8oz candle. The picture I put shows it filled up with 8oz . I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO TELL ME. That one is filled with 8oz almost to the brim of the candle jar, I should label it as 8oz candle. You are telling me to put 6oz of wax instead and label as 8oz candle. THEN you are telling me to fill one up and label as the difference.
  6. You guys said fill the jar by weight. Use 8oz of weight not volume. I measured the jar 7oz. I measured this particular jar, 14.8oz. That's almost 8oz weight of wax. And I'm definitely not understanding what you guys are saying because I'm talking about candles and you guys are references bakeries, the gravity of water, the sea level, tablespoons and measuring cups.
  7. So you are pretty much telling me to fill everyone of my jars exactly how this one is in this picture. I'm not barley "8oz weight" in as what you say and I'm already at the top of the jar.
  8. If i went by weight to fill my jar and put 8 oz of weight, it'd be overflowing over the top of my 8oz jar. I know the cost of my supplies, I know how I will calculate the cost of selling, which isn't the way everyone else is because everyone else selling candles is selling for WAY too much considering what the cost of the candles are to actually make. I really only made this thread to talk about the shipping costs before purchasing to see if the price was actually correct being so high, not to talk about my supply cost or how I should fill my candles based on weight or volume. I'd close this thread because of this but the moderators already told me no, they won't close the thread. I'm sorry if I sound rude but if I wished to talk about such things I'd make a thread pertaining to it not in a thread i solely made talking about shipping cost.
  9. Using weight as the variable wouldn't make much sense because if I do that then, I would no way be able to fill 3, 8oz candles with just 1 pound of wax then since you say I should go by 16 oz and 3 x 8 = 24oz so really I'm a wizard and I should invest my life somewhere else then with these newfound powers.
  10. Look again, it's there. Also everywhere I looked up says 20 ounces in volume in 1 pound of wax, as I'm measuring volume not weight when I'm pouring I divide by 20 not 16. Yet I have never tested this, I think it's close to truth as can be since my one pound batch of wax once melted and poured can fill 3, 8 oz candles, which would be 24 ounces.
  11. I'm a beginner in all this, I haven't even poured my first wax yet, been figuring out containers to use. I found however that the Wal-Mart closest to me had some very nice jars with lids (not the widely used Ball Jars) for half the cost of anything I found online, with no shipping cost, and they even looked really nice. They be around $0.70 a jar for me. I don't know if you've already looked into nearby stores but thought I'd share my experience so far.
  12. This how I did my math, I'll use price at of today. 50lb is $54.49 then divide by 5 to get $10.898 a pound and then divide that by 10 for $1.0898 a pound and my calculation was for 5oz candles and 20oz in a pound so I divide by 4 for $0.27245. or in this case be $0.27 per 5oz. I never actually calculated my container costs until last week and it actually came to around $0.49 or more because I had to work on it to make more pretty to the eye. I was going to make plaster containers, gloss it up and ingrave it with stencil design but I figured cost would go more towards $1 after I put all that work into it. Also I couldn't get it to work quite right and rather not waste too much time and money figuring it out. Now however, I am trying something new in couple of days that will be around $0.60 a container after I work on it, and will hopefully look amazing.
  13. Anyone know where to get candle containers that isn't so damn expensive. Anywhere I look the jar/container costs more then what it costs to make everything else for a candle (wick, label, wax, scent, etc.) and it brings the cost to make up so much. I tried the more popular Candle Science but they want ship from 2 different locations and cost me 2x shipping cost just like they wanted from wax so I will not buy from them until they do something about that. I thought about Flaming Candle where I bought my supplies but the shipping cost is like 3x as much as the product itself. I've looked on Amazon and cheaper then anything I found yet but they have logos on the jars and not sure if that'd be okay or not as most candle jars I've seen are just plain and have nothing like that. So far anything I've found will cost of one jar/container is $1 or more. I've spent a while this weekend trying my idea to make my own container with Plaster but can't seem to get the container right. Although with Plaster will be around $0.40-0.60 to make which is cheaper I have to put more labor into it to make the container and decorate the outside so it doesn't look as ugly as plain plaster and might bring cost closer to $1 after I work on them. Any advice would be very much appreciated.
  14. I'm not buying from anyone I'm going to be making them. They won't be glass containers but I'm almost certain they will work and what I will design on the container will still be more cost effect and look as nice as glass containers. I just have to finish the mold and try some out with scrap wax I already have to make sure my idea will work.
  15. Yes if I buy big instead of small I can reduce price but first time doing this I'm a little wary of doing that. My original cost was around $2.50 for a 5oz candle but if i buy big, scent and wax, I can bring it down to $0.90 - $1.05 per 5oz candle, that's including wick, container, wax, scent, label (no packaging). It takes it down to more reasonable but I have to shell out a bunch to start off with learning. I'm just not sure I'd want to shell out as much as it cost to have that price to just start learning. Here's my breakdown if I buy bigger quantity. wax : 0.28 wick : 0.08 scent : 0.26 - 0.31 label : 0.03 container : 0.10 - 0.20 shipping : 0.15 total : 0.90 - 1.05
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