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  1. Hi Gary! Yes, I've wondered that myself. Seems like having that scent linger in your home or office would lead to trouble.... just saying, lol. Candles are used to disperse that scent normally I would think? But I do know a couple of people (or more) that would enjoy the heck out of it, if only for nostalgic reasons.
  2. Hello Kandlekrazy! Yes, I have been known as "The Boho Chick" for like the last 15 years or so, lol. Bohemian is a bit more politically correct than Hippie is for some reason and Boho is the nickname for Bohemian. I think Bohemian is a bit more romantic sounding than Hippie is.... but they are similar in connotation I think.
  3. Hello Candybee! Yes, we should start a club. But not call it the over 60 crowd, lol. Maybe "Hippies at Heart" or something like that? I really love making candles because I can be much freer with the scents. I always felt like the soap should be simpler, one fragrance I think. Starting this business is a great creative outlet for me and I would dearly love to see it grow to the point my husband could semi-retire and do it with me! That is a major goal of mine.
  4. Hello Gary! Social Security doesn't kick in until you are 66 and 6 months here in the USA, lol. You can start earlier but you lose half your benefits! Haha.... too bad dogs don't qualify for the child benefit, cause they are a bit spoiled in my house.
  5. Hello! I live in Leicester which is west in the county about 10 min from downtown Asheville. What's your name?
  6. What's your name? My name is Cheryl Ann Shipman. Most people call me "Cheryl" but I prefer "Cheryl Ann" for some reason, lol. How old are you? 60 Feels so weird to say that! I knew it would happen but then it did. Where do you live? Just outside of Asheville, NC. Deep in the mountains. How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever? Soap for probably 6 or 8 years. Dabbled in making candles in the beginning, too, but didn't like it then. Now I love making candles and that is my business focus now. How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever? I love making everything! Are you married? Any kids? Yes, second husband (love of my life.) Two of my own and four of his - so six in total even though one has passed. If candle/Soap making isn't your primary job, what do you do? It is my primary business. Anything else we should know? Hippie at heart.
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