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  1. A Spa Cup is a polycarbonate cup...holds about 2 oz...I'm sure you could get it in the US.. I get mine here http://www.canwax.com/Spa-Tealight-Cups-Polycarbonate-Large_p_2357.html
  2. It's not your typical tealight...they call it a Spa Cup..it's larger than your usual tealight and burns a lot longer. I filled a lot of them with CB135 (now running out).. various FO @ 6-8% and used a HTP52. Burns great...maybe not the strongest HT because of the size, but its more for ambiance. The glass chips in the bottom are from Dollar Tree (we have DT up here now!!)..and that's about half a bag. I have seen what you are capable of Trappeur, so I think you could create a lot of interesting holders..
  3. The cup holds about 2 oz..its Polycarbonate..recyclable and unlike a voitve, doesn't need a small container to use..You can use any container you like..decorate it then just add the spa cup. This is a simple one I just use myself. I just took the pic now...sorry bout the bad quality...lol
  4. Don't know if you were able to sort out your Peak wick problem Jeana...but you are probably aware by now that Peak is back, but only with fragrances, and a very limited Website. But, maybe you could email Alan at Peak Fragrances and ask him who made their wicks, and if they are available anywhere else...or if he has any idea what would be a suitable replacement. Wouldn't hurt to try.
  5. I do keep notes on everything I do...but I don't keep notes on old large jar of used wax. Maybe I could call it "The Mystery Candle" We actually have a company up here that sells a "Money Candle"..money in every candle! Canadian Money lol..but still money! You can see it at https://villagecraftandcandle.com/candles/money-candles
  6. @bfroberts I have some large glass containers...and what I do is fill them half way with coloured sand...small stones...shells, whatever you have then put a "spa" cup on top. They are about 2 oz and are like a BIG tea light... and burn for quite a while. Makes a nice presentation and the customer can change them easily. Small..and inexpensive to make.
  7. Haha..it is cold up here.... I tried amy's, or previous posters idea of pouring a candle with no wick, making a hole with the skewer, then testing different wicks. I wasn't sure if it would work, so I tried it today with an old mason jar full of used wax that I collect to make firestarters. Poked a hole down the middle with a wooden skewer, and have tried a couple of wicks already. Worked great!! Its actually burning pretty good...its a mixture probably of about 4 different waxes (no idea what they are lol)...multiple scents...different colours. The only thing I know for sure is the 2 wicks
  8. Thanks!!! I saw that info on an earlier post somewhere, but they didn't go into detail about how it was done. You spelled it out for us, and I am going to use this method now. Using my method, I have enough firestarters for a couple of years lol..!!!
  9. Welcome...I'm new to the forum also..its a great resource for info. I'm sure California has their share of taxes...but it can't compare to Ontario Canada...can it???
  10. Great advice Trappeur...I've been trying for quite a while to "get it right" too. When I used to buy candles, I assumed it was just a matter of melting wax add some fragrance, pour whenever into a jar with a wick (didn't realize there were so MANY).. wait for it to harden..light it and all would be wonderfull!! I have a new respect for candle makers! Your advice means a lot to all of us.
  11. We have very few suppliers in Canada...so the variety of products are limited. I've ordered from a couple of US suppliers, but the $$$ difference and shipping charges killed me. I just made another batch of firestarters with my failed Q210 wax tests...and wood shavings this time.
  12. No..Q210 I believe is very soft container wax.. I believe for PB you would have to try the Q230. I have some, but haven't tried it yet. I have tried the Q210, and it is VERY challenging to wick properly.
  13. Those firestarters are works of art Trappeur...I wonder if buyers actually burn them.. ??
  14. I have tried HTP, LX, and RRD wicks, various sizes with 2 different fragrances at 10% and 18% (NGI's supposed max fragrance load)... in Q210 wax. NONE of them burnt any good at all. As has been stated previously, all my testers did the same thing. They looked good, smooth tops..and they burnt well...for the first 5 or 10 min. The wax couldn't seem to get up the wick..all the different wicks got fat and stubby, then the wick died out. All those testers are now firestarters. So what do I go with now? I have limited suppliers in Canada...I've tried all the American Soy products..t
  15. Thank you Crafty...I love the colour of your candles!
  16. For my fire starters I use a 1oz or 2oz paper portion cup (I sell those in my day job lol..) Pack in some wood shavings then fill it up with old left over candle wax, or failed tests!! If I don't have any wood shavings...I just shred up all my old letters and threats from the CRA (Canadian equivalent of the IRS), put those in the containers and burn them...gives me a great sense of satisfaction!! LOL..
  17. It really depends on the strength of the FO and what strength of aroma you want. I have a VERY strong Maple Syrup from New Directions (Canada) so I use about 75% DPL and 25% FO. and 6-8 reeds. I give it a stir every 2 or 3 days, turn the reeds over about 4 days and put them back in the solution. It will last about a month or longer depending on the size of the area. For lighter FO, I add more FO depending on what room I put it in and what strength I want the fragrance.
  18. Thanks Candy...the scent was great..but I was really impressed about how quickly the scent filled the room and how well the candle behaved..melt pool formed quickly, but the flame was just right and the melt pool just stayed perfect..not overly deep. Well...I will keep trying ..isn't that have the fun??
  19. I have probably spent $400+ trying to duplicate that candle...lol.. But I have enjoyed my somewhat adequate candles in the mean time... But I have got a lot of good ideas since discovering your forum a couple of days ago.. Thank you for your comments, and I really look forward to following and hopefully contributing some worthwhile info..
  20. It wasn't a cheap container candle TallTayl...but I don't mind paying the price for something (like a good restaurant meal) as long as its good...and that candle was GOOD. It has become an obsession with me..lol.. to make a candle that would rival their candle.. Candles and ribs seem to be my obsession these days!! lol.
  21. Well..I thought I had it sort of figured out with CB135...but we know what happened there lol. I got some of the new Q210 and was instantly impressed with the appearance, but couldn't get it to wick properly...Im very limited up here on which wax to start over with because of the shipping. A local supplier has 'C3, and another supplier Canwax has a new coconut/soy blend? Im thinking about giving that a try. Im not sure what to do. Luckily I only make candles for myself and friends as give aways...but I really feel sorry for those of you on this forum that depend on candle making as a busine
  22. How did I get into this obsessive craft? Well...for me it all started about 6 yrs ago when we bought a 130+yr old farmhouse..It had that "old house" smell..you know, sort of musty on humid days. I was in our local gift/craft shop looking around and found these soy candles and decided to take a sniff.. Well, it sure smelt good so we decided to buy it. It wasn't cheap..I think $28 for a 10 oz tin, but boy did it smell GOOD... So we took it home to our musty old place and lit it. Well...withing no time, the whole main floor was filled with the scent from that Soy Candle..I was hooked...So I tho
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