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  1. That jar almost looks like a cut off beer bottle...
  2. I thought I would post an update on Whitewater Premium Candle Co that I have been trying to duplicate...their container candles have been awesome..great burn, fantastic throw, but that was before the changes in the US soy wax industry. I saw a video of them on youtube making their candles before the changes, and it looked like they were using CB Advanced. They were awesome candles. Last weekend I went to our local retailer of Whitewater candles, and checked out what they had. I noticed that the new Christmas fragrance "spiced cranberry" was very different in appearance to their summer frag
  3. Welcome to Canada Lisa...as far as suppliers go..we have a couple that are very good, although the variety of products are limited. Canwax in Huntsville ON are very good..they have a good range of wicks, and waxes, and their FO's that I have tried are very good also. They do seem to "be out of stock" too often on popular products, but overall, I would recommend them. Another good supplier is Village Craft and Candle in St. Mary's ON...they have a limited selection of wicks and wax...but they are good for containers and their FO's are also good quality...although expensive (in my opinion).
  4. Thanks TallTayl...I am going to take your advice.
  5. LX18 looks like its burning hotter? Could it be the wick was longer than the 20 to start off with?
  6. I can't speak for differences in the LX wicks...but I know I've ordered HTP's from 2 different suppliers and the same size from each burned different. I contacted Atkins and Pearce, and they said that different distributors get then tabbed and waxed by different companies, so they could be different.. They sent me their samples, and they were different too!! OMG..so might be the same situation with LX. I found LX to work good with the "old" soys..cb135, Advanced...but not so much with the new Quantum waxes.
  7. I believe you can get Black Canyon from Peak Frangrances now...although right now they are backordered...but I would think it would be the same FO as before..
  8. I decided to use some of my Q210 sample...which hasn't worked for me at all. But the latest test I melted 16oz of Q210...added 1oz of Coconut Oil (in a tin from Walmart...its a solid..not sure if you would call it "oil" or "wax" but it is solid at room temp)...1 oz FO, poured it into 2 glass tumblers 3" dia and used a Premium 799 wick... Tried the first one after 48 hrs so I could check the burn...and to my suprise, it actually burned very well!! No real hot throw yet, which might be due to the light FO i used, but I was only trying to get a good burn. I will be trying the other candle in a
  9. There Maple Sugar is one of the strongest FO's I've ever come across.. I also use it with diffuser reeds..
  10. I've tried all the ASO waxes...I think the throw was about the same as most...but it took some extra work to get them to look nice..Cottage cheese tops, but I tried it when I first started. Millenium actually worked pretty good, but I would assume they were affected by the new laws in the US and had to change their waxes to??? I used HTP wicks, and our supplier here carries a very limited sizes. Since then, I found a new supplier with more of a variety. I have just received a coconut/soy blend wax that the supplier has said is very good...but I haven't had a chance to try it yet..hopefull
  11. Could be TallTayl...I think I may buy one of their candles this weekend to see how it is now. I wonder if they are going through all the problems with the new formulations that we are.. Maybe they do get their fragrances made for them...all I know is, they throw like crazy!!
  12. I don.t have C1 available here...the only company that has C3 here is all they carry....and they are going to supply the new Quantum waxes too...they are mainly a fragrance company (New Directions Aromatics). I just received a Coconut/Soy blend wax, but haven't had a chance to try it yet. The only cotton core wicks up here are Premier, and actually, I find they work pretty well. I haven't bought any candles for a while, but I think I might get one from the company that got me into this...I actually saw a video they did with a news crew at there shop, and the wax that was in the video was NG
  13. Yeah...but the Quantum is REALLY beige..more so than their old waxes...but that isn't the main problem with it..I just can't get it to burn right.. I am going to try the new products from canwax.com and see how they work out. Maybe our laws didn't affect waxes here like they did in the US..but I'm not even sure if we have any Cdn manufacturers of wax.
  14. I don't think I have any GB soy waxes available to me...for me to order from the US would be too expensive.
  15. I've tried the quantum...they are almost impossible to figure out!. They look really nice when poured...but like you said in an earlier thread, the usual wicks that have worked in their other waxes, do not work in the Quantum waxes...the wicks sort of turn into like a little nub and die out! I've tried just about every wick in them, and none seem to work. Plus....when poured, they get this very beige look..not white.
  16. Up here I have C3 available, (very close to me) I can pick up, but I've never tried it. I've tried thee new Quantum waxes, but I am still trying to get them to work, without a lot of luck...and American Soy Organics, which for me is expensive, and I've tried them without a whole lot of success either. One of my suppliers up here now has a "Canadian" supplier of a soy wax, and a soy/coconut wax. I've ordered samples to see how they work out, but I haven't received them yet...not sure where they come from? The supplier is canwax.com I really don't have much choice on a soy wax..
  17. I didn't even know soy candles existed until we bought this old farmhouse 7 yrs ago...we were in the local gift/craft store and saw soy candles...so I give it the sniff test, (now I know its the cold throw)..and it smelled great. Bought it...brought it home..lit it...and wow..within no time our whole main floor had the smell of that soy candle. Since then, I have tried to closely duplicate it, and haven't come close. So Im just wondering if maybe it isn't a 100% soy candle... Maybe it is...maybe not. I can see where consumers want an all natural candle...paraffin has a bad rap t
  18. I've added FO at 180, and around 135...(right before pouring) and never really noticed any difference using Millenium, and CB135. But now with all the changes in soy wax...it's back to square one. I watched the melted wax when I added the FO, and when I saw it become clear again...I assumed it was blended?
  19. Im just curious..from what I understand, paraffin throws the best and seems to be very easy to work with. Soy is difficult to work with, and doesn't throw as well. So the only reason to have a little soy in the candle is so that it can be called a "soy" candle? Maybe Im in left field...it doesn't really affect me, as I don't sell candles, but it's got my competitive juices flowing to try and get it right.. I like to cook too..and it took me a lot of time to get Montana type Ribs down pat..lol..same thing with candles...It's just bugging me that I can't get it quite right!! I re
  20. Thanks wthomas...I would like to try a parasoy....i think you use the 6006...but nobody up here carries it. Our choices are soy, beeswax, or paraffin...no blends. I have bought some "soy" candles just to compare to my own...and they seem to throw off a great scent...I don't know if its the way Im making them, or they have discovered the perfect formula...but It's driving me freaking crazy trying to figure it out..lol.
  21. I think you're right Venetti...I've tried every wax available to me...all the temps...all the wicks, and I still can't duplicate the one I bought orignally...It's supposed to be a "soy" candle...but how do you really check to make sure? It's a real "gray area"...
  22. I appreciate your honesty kandledrazy... I have played around with pure soy for a while now, but just can't seem to get it to the quality of those "pure" soy candles I have bought..just makes me wonder if some of them are "cheating"?? Maybe they aren't, but the more I've got into it..I am REALLY curious how some of them get excellent throws out of "100% soy.. I thought I would be almost there with the hype of the Q210...and now Im back to square one... I guess I better stick with my day job..lol....
  23. Ok thanks..I think I will pass on Mary Jane And welcome Cheryl Ann...
  24. I just thought I would ask about temperature to add fragrance...if you read all the info on the internet...some say to add it at 180, some say dependent on flash point...others say add just before pouring..NGI suggested adding just before pouring but no lower than 135... So what is it?? I have tried all the different temps and not sure what works best. I have been using CB135, tried Q210, Q220. Most of you seem to sell your candles and are very successful..so I ask you..at what temp do you add fragrance??
  25. I have the same thing..I have a doorway from the kitchen to the laundry area (no door tho)...I have a glade melter close to that door, and burn candles in the kitchen. When I go into the laundry area, it smells twice as strong there than in the kitchen. Maybe there's a air flow that we don't actually feel..that would be my guess.
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