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  1. @Sarah SI did see previous threads about it coming out...but not too much info on where it is actually available..and hardly any reviews. Considering how many people used the original Advanced, I figured everyone would be anxious to try the new one..but doesn't seem to be the case. I wouldn't mind trying it, but I can't find it available in Canada, and to bring it in from the US is a little expensive.
  2. Apparently CB Advanced is back in production? I found it here https://www.eroma.com.au/ecosoya-cb-advanced-soy-wax/ Has anybody seen it available in Canada or the US?
  3. I just tried a coconut/soy blend and it poured beautiful...and had a great HT after only 48hrs. (I got impatient).. the only problem is...$$$$.
  4. If you look on the internet long enough, you will get so much info on when to add FO, it will boggle your mind. I've tried adding at both 185 and just before pouring, and they seemed to work pretty much the same HT... I know when I add the FO to the wax, I notice the FO sort of looks like oil in water...then when its mixed for about 2 min it becomes clear again. I know most like to add at 185, and that seems to be what most suppliers recommend.
  5. I've made a lot of firestarters.. I save all the old wax from the bottom of containers...or failed testers. I get a small paper cup, or a paper cupcake cup?...fill it with shedded paper, or wood shavings, then top it up with melted wax..just make sure you have some paper or wood sticking out that act as the "wick". They work great..but maybe not as pretty as you want for gifts, but I'm sure you could make them a little more attractive, or do a nice festive wrapping to dicky doo them up a little. I save all wax...different soys, a little parrafin, different colours, different scents then me
  6. If you can go to youtube and search for the type of candle you want to make, there are a LOT of videos to get you started. You can also get a lot of info from candle makers suppliers...they want you to be able to make a good candle so you will buy there products. It is a learning process...as I have found out! I have a new found respect for candle makers that make a great product...a lot of work, time and money has gone into that candle. But there is a lot of info on the internet to get you started. Then it's a matter of just testing..and testing..
  7. This is what I do now...pour without any wick and use a wooden skewer to poke a hole to the bottom...cut the wick from the tab and insert it down. If it looks like it's not working, then i blow it out..pull the wick out with needle nose pliers, and try another wick. If it seems to be working..leave it in until after a 2 or 3 burns. Great method which I learned on this forum...
  8. I remember "back in the day"...sand molded candles were real popular. You would make a form out of wood...fill it with sand...make an mould of any shape in the sand, then pour your wax into it...let it harden, then remove. Haven't seen those candles for a long time!! Is that what your plan is Valtek? And as another note...up here in Canada...the wax I am testing now is $137 per 50lb...plus shipping! $85 sounds REALLY good to me..
  9. I use Canwax in Ontario...and Village Craft and Candle..they are both real good suppliers. You also have a couple of suppliers in BC, but not sure which waxes they carry. I've ordered supplies from the US, and the duty, and $$$ exchange is a killer. Never order wax from there but I would assume the shipping would be a killer. Shipping from Ontario to BC should be more reasonable...I think?
  10. Sounds to me like you're more concerned with the "fumes" in the air if you're pregnant? As far as hubby doing some of the grunt work...I don't think that would be a problem...most of us males are able to handle such complex tasks...lol.. The only thing I would check out is the air quality..seems that Flicker did ok?
  11. I have no idea of Coco83 wax...but I just started testing this new wax from a supplier up here http://www.canwax.com/Wax-CoconutSoy-Container-Blend-CW301_p_3795.html I would assume its very similiar, but I have no way of telling for sure, because everything now is proprietary. It seems really greasy when I took it out of the bag...Melted to 180...added 8% FO and poured into 3" container at about 145...(also did one with no scent). Looked perfect...no wet spots, smooth as a babies bum top...nice white/creamy colour even with Cinnamon buns FO which is a dark colour...but it didn't
  12. I would suggest either buying new...or refill the old ones with the very same scent, wax, and colour...lol
  13. I never understood why votives have a long wick, bent over when purchased?
  14. I am pretty much in the same position as you...but I don't sell, but I do have about 10 girls that I want to make some candles for, but it has been a mad scramble trying to figure out the crazy soy issue...so I tried something new. And I'm doing the first burn tonight and it seems to be working great..perfect size flame and little to no "dancing" , great scent throw (after only 48hrs)...so I guess I will pour 10 candles for them, and hopefully they work as good for them! But, I don't have a dentist appointment. :-)
  15. I agree...and I got my Online Labels from a distributor up here..so I didn't get a code to try it for 3 months.. I am looking for other options. I make wine and bottleit at a local store...and he has a labeling machine that is just awesome..the wine labels we put on our bottles are SO professional looking. If I made candles for a living, I would definately get the label machine he has.
  16. Just a thought here....I am a man lol... when I was doing wood working crafts a few years ago, everybody that bought my creations were women..I think because most women do not do woodworking they would buy my products...at that time, most men were of the belief that "hey...why buy that wood shelf when I can make it myself"....I think it may be the same with candles today. Men do not make candles (generally speaking)..where as women probably think.."hey, I can make that myself". I think woodworking was a lot easier to figure out than candles though...lol
  17. I tried online clear labels...but I found they smudged even after sitting for more than a week...I can print pictures on photo paper with no problems, but not clear labels..its frustrating. Maybe I have to change the settings??
  18. Those are NICE jars!!.. A tad expensive, but for those of you that sell your candles..those jars would set you apart from the crowd...And the lids to go with them look great too!!
  19. We had a friend that was from our area...moved to Arizona...met an Arizona girl..got married and had 2 kids..decided he would like to move back to Ontario. He finally talked her into it (after a few years)..He got a job transfer and they did move here. It was the worst winter we have had in years...the kids loved it...but not the Arizona wife..lol. She was here 6 months and told him she was moving back to Arizona...with or without him! He quickly got a transfer back to Phoenix..haha..Try to hang in there..our winter is not like Tennessee, but there are a lot of things to do if you want to e
  20. OMG lisa....we have had a REAL mild fall so far...wait till you get to our winter.... What you have to do is go shopping and get yourself a real good winter coat...some nice warm boots...good gloves and a warm touque (hat lol) ...and get outside and enjoy the clean, cold fresh air! lol... If you're not up for that...make sure you have a nice warm cozy place where you live to make candles all winter long!! Oh...and GO TITANS!!!
  21. There are a few more supplies here...but those are the 3 I use..and they all have their strong points and weaknesses...You can still order from the US, but the $$$ difference and shipping/duty is a killer. Hubby is Canadian?? If you're from Buffalo..you will have no problem with our winter.. lol...If you're from Phoenix...our winter may be a problem..
  22. @ChristinaD You might want to read this https://www.woodenwick.com/what-is-candle-sweating/ Maybe you can get some ideas from them. Also..I remember reading quite a while ago that "sweating" does not affect the candle quality, and is common in soy candles (I read it...but not sure if I believe it)...and if I remember correctly, the article said to wipe the top of the candle with a paper towel. Hopefully the article will help... Wishing you all the best in your new venture!!
  23. We have a similar jar available in Canada here https://villagecraftandcandle.com/candle-making/containers-packaging/containers/8oz-amber-jar Kind of expensive, even by Canadian standards, but if we have it here...I am sure our supplier gets it from the USA..
  24. Sorry...I don't use 464..but with all the changes in soy wax in the last few months, maybe the FO didn't mix with the wax? Before the changes, you could see the swirling of the FO when added to the wax...then as it was mixed, you could see it become very clear. With the new waxes (I have been trying Q210 and 220)...they seem to be a more "cloudy" when melted, so it makes it a little more difficult to tell when the FO is blended in. Not sure if that is the same with 464?. I am almost finished with straight Soy...I just received a new wax that is coconut/soy that i will try. By the way Kris
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