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  1. Sorry for the late reply...As far as I know there is no company in Canada selling CD or ECO wicks. I have bought ECO from the US. but they didn't work for my container/wax. I have heard CD's are good so i might order some from the US.
  2. I did the same thing...I have a couple of different kinds now, but when I use the ones on the sheet, I REALLY make sure to get the right side of the sheet on the stickers.
  3. I don't have CD's up here...but I will order some fro the US to try. The RRD's seem to work real good, so I think I might order some more sizes, and test it over again.. I think the RRD would work good, but just needs to catch up the the orignal burn. I wish a Canadian supplier would carry CD's....would make life a little easier.
  4. Maybe try the trick learned on the forum....take a cut out of your tester candle...put it in a wax melter and see if the scent fills your room. Just a thought...but maybe your tester burns perfect the first burn...but is too hot on the 2nd and 3rd burn?? There are others here with a lot more experience, and I am sure they can figure it out...
  5. I have been trying/testing 6006, and using the pour with no wick testing procedure. So I poured a 2.5" glass container, 6% linen scent, no dye and a RRD34 wick. Started out good...good HT, nice quiet flame...but after 3 hrs it seemed to be tunneling. So the next day I pulled out the 34 and replaced it with an RRD47. It.s burning real nice but seems to be following the "tunnel" of the first burn of the RRD34. Should I start this test over? I know they say soy has a memory...not sure if 6006 has a memory also? Thanks for any input.
  6. For me...Im surrounded by farm fields..potatoes, soy, corn...and hay... So when I need a Hay scent..I just open my windows and doors..lol...sorry..doesn't answer your question though.. ūüėŹ
  7. I tried a ECO 2...6% FO (Lily of the Valley)..6006...2.5" glass container. It smoked like crazy on the second burn. I ended up switching it out for an HTP104... Seems to be working ok now.
  8. Well...the ECO was a failure...smoked like a campfire. Its back to the HTP's. A 104 in a 2.5" glass jar seems to work good.
  9. Thanks...the HTP works just ok...Im trying ECO's now, and I guess I will have to order some CD's to try. I will try your cocoon idea..I could see that working especially in the winter.
  10. Cocoon idea is great...I may have to borrow that idea :-) I have recently switched to 6006...may I ask what type of wick you find works best in 6006? I've only tried HTP's so far. Thanks.
  11. Use any one of Sarah's suggestions....they are all winners...
  12. Love your new profile picture and wanted to tell you that...but I wasn't sure where to post it..so I did it here..hope you don't mind. I just changed mine recently too..similar to yours.  Mine is a pic of me with our Abbey when we first got her 4 years ago.  She still acts like a pup now..lol.


    I can tell by that pic that your dog just adores you..


    1. Trappeur


      Hi Gary!


      Oh thankyou....that was so sweet of you.  Her name is Bonnie.   She was 14 years old.   Bonnie died a couple months.   It was a horrible horrible shock.  She was fine in the morning and then she took a walk and I couldn't find her for the whole afternoon till later that evening by the side of the dirt road in a ditch just sitting there not knowing where she was.  I got her to the emergency vet clinic and she had a temperature of 105, her heart beat was over 200 a minute, her blood pressure was off the charts.  She was extremely critical and they didn't think she would make it through the night as she was in severe pain.  They thought she possibly had a tumor that burst.  The best thing was not to let her suffer and ease her pain and I had to let her go to heaven with a quick painless injection.  It was the hardest thing I had to do and I have been so depressed.  She was my world.  And yes, your words of her adoring me was "exact".   She adored me and worshipped the ground I walked on.  She was a throw away dog, a border collie that someone dropped off on the side of the road that I rescued.  She actually rescued me...She was literally glued to my hip and I took her everywhere with me....I mean everywhere.  To all my jobs she went, not one place was she not ever with me.  She was never on a leash.  I would go into Home Depot and she would walk right along my side and I would point to something in an aisle, she would go and get it and carry in her mouth to the register with a happy butt shaking a mile a minute of just sheer joy of carrying something for me and just happy to be with me and people would literally stop in their tracks always saying they had never seen a dog so well behaved and smart as she and just wished their dog was like Bonnie.   She was the best of the best of the best.   There will never be another dog so beautiful as my little girl was.   I buried on my little tract of land facing the pond with my  horse, Timmy, my best bud, my horse of 34 years who I just lost  3 months prior and the same exact way Bonnie died and who I had his whole life.


      Thankyou for the beautiful comment you made of Bonnie.  That is one of my most favorite pictures I have of her.  Her eyes she never took off of me as like the picture shows.  Here are a couple more pictures that aren't so tiny you can see of her and she has the same pose in them.  It's like she posed for every picture.  The one of me and her on the porch of my little shack...believe it or not these were selfie pictures as I live by myself and in that particular picture I told Bonnie to go and jump in the red rocker and sit there while I set the timer on the camera and then I ran to the porch so quickly and sat down in front of her and when the picture snapped, it turned out like this!  She was looking right into the camera....oh my gosh, I just couldn't believe my little Bonnie. The picture of her sitting on the farm table was taken at an arts and crafts show I did one one year and I would bring furniture props for my booth set up and of course Bonnie was at my side.  I was unloading furniture off my truck and I turned around and there she was sitting on top of the farm table she jumped up on as she watched me....CIMG3459.jpg.45b4364777e8370f6566005d2c955e46.jpgCIMG3459.jpg.45b4364777e8370f6566005d2c955e46.jpg590349033_CIMG3516(1).jpg.852c6af89d757671923c7ed6d6badc3e.jpgCIMG3459.jpg.45b4364777e8370f6566005d2c955e46.jpg She was my world.



    2. Gary in Canada

      Gary in Canada

      I love your pics with Bonnie..she is a beautiful dog...I have read your reply about 4 times..and each time I read it..I have to pause and reach for a tissue before continuing..I actually went to bed last night and woke up thinking about you and your beloved pet..geez...the older I get, the more sentimental I get.  I am really sorry for your loss..


      Looking at your pics and message, I can tell she was a great companion for you through out her life, and that must have been one of the most difficult times for you when she was not well.  I have been through the same thing a few times, and every time I say..".I can't go through this again"...but a couple of months later, I miss the companionship and love that a dog like Bonnie (and our Abby) gives you, and I give in and get another furry family member .


      I know I always thought I would not be able to replace our original pet..but each new one had its own personality and we learned to live and adapt to our new pet, and hopefully you can do that also...it seems to me that Bonnie was the perfect companion to you and hopefully you can come close to Bonnie with a new companion...




  13. @FlickerI just ordered 6006, which is FINALLY available in Canada...I am so frustrated with soy these days, I had to try something different and after reading a lot..I wanted to try 6006. Just received it today so Im looking forward to trying it. May I ask what wick series you use? Our supplier up here recommended HTP... Thanks for any help...
  14. Sometimes inexpensive oils are priced that way for a reason...they don't work very good. If you pay a little more for a scent that knocks your socks off, compared to a cheap scent that you can't even smell, or it smells bad....how good of a deal was it? I'm starting to learn that after spending a lot on poor FO... I just have a hard time resisting those tempting descriptions some suppliers come up with for their FO's... ūüėŹ
  15. I think I still have some onlinelabels clear gloss, so maybe I'll give it another try...Maybe I can play around with the print settings to get it to work. Thanks.
  16. Do you print those clear labels in the first picture? I tried the online clear labels with an inkjet and they smeared even after sitting for a week, even though they are supposed to be injet/laser compatible. I think a clear label on your pineapple lid would look very classy.
  17. That's probably why you're having a tough time cleaning out the jars...For soy, i just use the double boiler to melt residual wax..pour it into a container then fill the jar with hot water and dish detergent. Wash it out, and it comes out as good as new. Paraffin, I do it the same way, but always am left with a greasy film on the container..
  18. What kind of wax are you trying to clean out? Soy is pretty easy to clean...paraffin, not so much IMO...
  19. Great response Sarah...sometimes we try to over think things and make it harder than it has to be. When I went on the road to do sales (many yrs ago)....my sales manager taught me the KISS theory... Keep It Simple Stupid.. worked then..works now.
  20. That's what I do...thanks to an earlier post. And make notes of which wick you put in. I have switched them out, and didn't make a note of it...then it was back to square one!
  21. The first soy candle I ever bought was from Whitewater Premium Candle Co. in Ottawa ON. It was awesome...amazing throw. I tried to duplicate it, with no success, then I saw a TV interview they did and saw their wax...CB Advanced. By the time I saw the video, it was too late to get CB Advanced...it was gone. I bought one of their new candles in Feb. (not sure what wax they use now)...and it was in my opinion VERY average. So just to satisfy myself, I have to buy some NEW CB Advanced to see if it compares to the old one. We won't have it available here until Mid May.
  22. Check the Quantum 210, 220, 230 maximum load...they say it can hold 18%. I made 3 candles with Q210, same size containers and wicks, but I did 6%, 10%, and 18% just to see if the increased FO would make a big difference in throw. I didn't notice any scent throw difference, but the 18% candle actually caught on fire! The whole top was burning..scared the you know what out of me!!
  23. @Cblanca That's exactly what I found with the Quantum waxes..I tried every wick imaginable, and I had trouble to get anything close to acceptable. I lit one for my wife when she was watching tv, and when I went in to check in on her and the candle, the whole top of the container was on fire! That was it for me.. Im now trying this www.canwax.com/Wax-CoconutSoy-Container-Blend-CW301_p_3795.html and it seems to be working out well.
  24. DPS looks like a good option for anyone interested in the US...unfortunately for me, it would cost a fortune to ship it here, and with our $$$ exchange, the total cost would be too high.
  25. Well...to me it sounds like the "new" Advanced is exactly like the Quantum waxes. I have moved on, and am going to leave the Advanced and Quantum waxes to others to figure out.
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