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  1. One of my suppliers has an interesting blog about EO's and FO's. You can read it here https://villagecraftandcandle.com/index.php?route=d_blog_module/post&post_id=61
  2. Well...I can share my limited successes...because in my opinion I have only had one that was truly a success.. and sadly..It has gone the way of the dinosaur. CB135 wax (discontinued) in a Spa Cup with a HTP52 wick (thanks Canwax). Burnt perfect, looked great...put it any container like a small mason jar, or whatever, with some Dollar Tree pebbles, or glass beads..and it was great. And I have had great success with firestarters..lol. All the failed testers remelted into paper cups with wood chips..easy peasy, and work great. Other than that...its still a work in progress...Im still searching the forums for the perfect combo..and thankfully I do have a 9-5.... I now understand how much work (and money) goes into making the perfect candle, which I didn't realize until I tried it...and I truly admire those of you that have been able to do it successfully..!!
  3. Walmart Canada does not carry the Presto Pot...but our local candle supplier does..but it's $100.00. I think for now, I have to stick with the double boiler method.
  4. The #6 and #8 and `10 and 12.. are they CD's or Eco's?? What wax are you trying them in?
  5. I love your dust covers...do you make them? I only give my candles away, and I have a lot of 12oz jars with no lids. I would like to make a dust cover like yours to pretty them up a bit..
  6. Let me know what you think of the CD's.... That is about the only wicks I haven't tried. I get my wicks from Canwax.com They have most types of wicks, but not CDs. They have a new wood wick..which I just received a sample pack, but have not had a chance to try them out.
  7. This is the method I learned from this forum too....but....you have to make notes, so you know which wick you have in when the candle burns perfect..lol I'm speaking from experience...got a good one..but didn't know which wick I had put in..
  8. I love the Deliverance reference...because Im of that generation!! lol. The newer generation will not get it, but do they buy many candles/? I like it, and I think the red label would stand out. On a side note...not too long ago I tried to find Deliverance to stream and watch it after many years...one thing led to another, and I found out about that kid that played the banjo...Billy Redden. Well...in the movie he didn't actually play...they chose him because of his "appearance". Even now..he's about 60ish..he still looks the same. Sorry...I love your scent names...and do you even need the real scent listed under?
  9. Well...Im no expect by any means..but I tried the HTP104 in the 2.5" container, with 6% Lily of the Valley...it seemed to work good, but I might even go down to a 93 and try that. I find the best way to try wicks is pouring the candle without a wick then poking a hole down the centre and feed the wick down..If it doesn't work, then its easy to pull out with pliers and go up or down a size. And on a side note...you have Eroma in Australia, and they have such a great variety of containers IMO. Canadian suppliers are about 10yrs behind with their containers. And I like how Eroma also recommends a starting point for the wick for all their containers. I wish they would open a Canadian branch lol...
  10. I ordered a lot of ECO 10's from all the positive reviews on a suppliers website. They didn't work for me, so now I have to figure out how to use them. I remember watching the shipment tracking on line...and those wicks did a tour of the US that I was envious of lol....
  11. https://www.eroma.com.au/candle-making-supplies/candle-jars/ We have NO supplier in Canada that even carries 10% of these containers. How come Australia can have these available, and all we have in Canada is mason jars and traditional jars?
  12. I always wondered what those numbers meant too...with ECO's, HTP etc..its pretty straight forward...but Zinc numbers were confusing.
  13. Actually that's a good idea... I remember when I was a kid (a few years ago lol)..my grandmother always had a display of decorative soaps in the washroom..they were for decorative purposes, not to be used... But after a while they would all be dusty and old looking.. She could have used your advice! I think I might take a closer look next time I see decorative looking soaps.
  14. I would definately buy one of those beer can candles to try.. I made a beer bottle candle..cut it the beer bottle, not problem, but wow, what a lot of work to get the cut edge smooth..I poured the candle, but a beer bottle is not that wide so it was hard to trim the wick when it got down to the lower part. It did give a nice glow from the amber bottle though.
  15. Well...Im not a soap guy haha...but your's looks like a work of art! Do customers use it, or keep it as an art piece? I think if it was me, I would like to display it rather than hide it away in the shower. Looks great to me!
  16. I think I should give Candle Cocoon a try. I want to test CD wicks (which no Canadian supplier carries!), and while Im at it...I have to try Vanilla Voodoo lol.. It's just the time factor, shipping and duty getting supplies into Canada that holds me back....but I will give it a try.
  17. I would gladly pay Flaming's prices for FO's, and wax too... Our supplier up here is $4.99/oz. for all FO's. 6006 Wax is $136 for 60lb. Makes testing VERY expensive.
  18. To me it seems to be difficult to distinguish between a 100% soy candle, and a soy blend, let alone an Organic candle. It seems to be a very loose term. I know I was concerned about fragrance oils being synthetic (and I don't even sell candles) until I read this blog..I found it very interesting https://villagecraftandcandle.com/index.php?route=d_blog_module/post&post_id=61
  19. Sorry for the late reply...As far as I know there is no company in Canada selling CD or ECO wicks. I have bought ECO from the US. but they didn't work for my container/wax. I have heard CD's are good so i might order some from the US.
  20. I did the same thing...I have a couple of different kinds now, but when I use the ones on the sheet, I REALLY make sure to get the right side of the sheet on the stickers.
  21. I don't have CD's up here...but I will order some fro the US to try. The RRD's seem to work real good, so I think I might order some more sizes, and test it over again.. I think the RRD would work good, but just needs to catch up the the orignal burn. I wish a Canadian supplier would carry CD's....would make life a little easier.
  22. Maybe try the trick learned on the forum....take a cut out of your tester candle...put it in a wax melter and see if the scent fills your room. Just a thought...but maybe your tester burns perfect the first burn...but is too hot on the 2nd and 3rd burn?? There are others here with a lot more experience, and I am sure they can figure it out...
  23. I have been trying/testing 6006, and using the pour with no wick testing procedure. So I poured a 2.5" glass container, 6% linen scent, no dye and a RRD34 wick. Started out good...good HT, nice quiet flame...but after 3 hrs it seemed to be tunneling. So the next day I pulled out the 34 and replaced it with an RRD47. It.s burning real nice but seems to be following the "tunnel" of the first burn of the RRD34. Should I start this test over? I know they say soy has a memory...not sure if 6006 has a memory also? Thanks for any input.
  24. For me...Im surrounded by farm fields..potatoes, soy, corn...and hay... So when I need a Hay scent..I just open my windows and doors..lol...sorry..doesn't answer your question though.. 😏
  25. I tried a ECO 2...6% FO (Lily of the Valley)..6006...2.5" glass container. It smoked like crazy on the second burn. I ended up switching it out for an HTP104... Seems to be working ok now.
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