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  1. Just got the notice about EcoSoya from our local Canadian supplier.  I tried their new waxes, as Im sure most of you did....and I was less than impressed.  It looked good, but I found it was impossible to find a wick that would actually work .  But anybody that did manage to get it to work will have to go back to the drawing board.  All I can say is....Im glad I don't rely on candles to earn a living...hats off to those that do...

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  2. 17 hours ago, Quentin said:

    Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to reach the wireless printer. That way I can produce labels while waiting for things to cool down or heat up.

    If it doesn't reach your printer, you could always try an extender. Plug it in somewhere between your router/modem, printer and computer and it will extend your WiFi signal..  Otherwise you get get an inexpensive printer BUT buy your cartridges on Amazon.  My orignal  Canon cartridges cost $199 (Cdn) for a set.... now I buy 5 sets for about $40. on Amazon.

  3. I've always been confused with the sizing on the larger HTP wicks http://www.atkinsandpearce.com/candle-solutions/product-pages/htp/

    The 126 is listed at the bottom of the chart.  It shows the largest flame height, largest melt pool but the yield falls between a 105 and a 1212.  I contacted them and they told me its the "largest" htp....and yet a LOT of supplier sites recommend the 126 right after the 105.. still confused.:wacko:

  4. Just for fun I did a couple of layered candles....but they weren't really planned.  I melted some leftover/finished candles...poured into a large mason jar...did some more about 2 weeks later...poured them into the same mason jar..and so on..  I think I had about 5 layers in that mason...different colors...different scents.  Then I skewered a hole down the centre and stuck in a wick (can't remember which one).  It actually burnt really well...I called it my Frankencandle...😁

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Laura C said:


    I like that jar and cork lid.

    It will cost me a small fortune to get them here...for me a US dollar costs about $1.30 cdn...plus shipping to Canada...and we have 13% HST tax...ouch.  BUT....Glassnow jars are unique IMO, and I don't have to worry about selling cost..so I think I will just go ahead and order some.  

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  6. 10 hours ago, candlesinflorida said:

    That is a good looking candle!

    It is....the glass is thick and I like their labels.  I got it as a gift and I can only imagine what my daughter payed for it in Canada!  I see their prices on their US website, so Im sure it would be a lot more here....but....in my opinion, I would rather pay more for a quality product.

  7. This is the wax I have left when the candle goes out. I usually have wax on the side until at least the second half of the candle...but towards the end it gets cleaned up.  They're 8oz straight sided jars, HTP62 wicks (20mm x 3mm) and 6006 wax. 


    I have refilled my Calypso jar twice, and I get more wax left at the bottom due to the raised bottom but the sides are cleaned up like the 8oz SS jar...also with the 62 wick.  

    candle wax left.jpg

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  8. I don't make candles to sell...only for my own use and friends.. I use the 3mm neck tabs and use a variety of containers.  I have never had a glass container crack or break.  With the thickness of glassnow glass containers and the raised bottom, I don't think there would be a safety issue unless the container was severely overwicked.  I get my wicks and extra tabs at https://www.canwax.com/Wick-Tab-20mm3mm_p_822.html


    I always have a small amount of wax left in the bottom...I melt all the leftovers down and make firestarters out of them..

  9. 32 minutes ago, moonshine said:

    That jar Gary posted is different from the 12 ounce calypso - they don’t have that big of a lip on them 

    I have been using them and they do sell cork lids but you can’t fill them all the way up using them so they can push down in securely 

    the bottom is raised but I haven’t had any issues with excessive wax left on the bottom at all - that is where your wicking comes into play and I don’t use the high neck tab wicks (9 I believe) either I use the 6mm

    here is a pic - they sell out often in several colors and they are pretty pricey but I am launching a small line of these  with a pretty price

    That's right Moonshine...this morning I put my glasses on lol..and saw that it was the 6 oz jar, with 5 oz volume.  It's not a big jar at all, but I like the color of it, and its REALLY sturdy.  On mine the cork goes into the container appox. 1/4".  With a 3mm neck on the wick tab, there is very little wax left. 


    My problem also is..for every US dollar, it cost me about $1.28 + shipping (to Canada)...and we have HST tax of 13%...ouch.

  10. I received a container candle made by Northern Lights as a gift..I really liked the container, so after some research I found out it was a 8oz Calipso from Glass Now.  It does have a raised bottom, but when I finished the candle and refilled it, I used a wick with a small neck on the tab (3mm).  The remaining wax after it finished burning was minimal.  I think I might order some of those jars..

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  11. On 6/16/2018 at 12:47 PM, Sarah S said:


    For a 2.5" container with a floral FO, I'd go down to a 73 or even a 63. Guarenteed every time I think I'm under wicked with the CBL 125 (very similar to 4630), I get to the bottom 1/4 of the jar and the burn finishes beautifully. If I start with what I think is a good wick, the bottom of the burn is sooty and ugly. So I think with the soft wax and HTP combo, you really need to wick for the bottom half of the jar down. IMO. 😁

    Just revisiting some old posts...and I have to tell you Sarah..I have been doing what you recommended.  HTP73 worked great with 6006, 6% Lily of the Valley in the 8oz straight sided jar 2.5".  Most everything you read says you need a melt pool 1/4"-1/2" the first burn.  I find that if you size your wick to do that, by the last third of the candle there is a LARGE flame, mushrooms etc.  With a smaller wick, it seems to burn good at the start with a small amount of hangup, but takes care of that half way down.  

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