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  1. 2 hours ago, TallTayl said:

    I am convinced that Nobody except makers ever even look. People light and walk away.


    this is also why we makers need to be mindful of wicking, because those same people will not trim before lighting and won’t extinguish at  the three hour mark.


    One benefit to in person selling was I had loads of time to casually  poll customers, their top concerns with candles were pretty consistently,:

    Burn safe 

    Burn clean

    smell good (both CT and ht). some never light candles and rely on ct to gently scent a space, like office desk or bathroom.


    they all agreed that hT was useless without the other two. Many people who rented their homes were no longer permitted to burn candles because of dirty or unsafe candles used by tenants in the past.

    That's interesting...first I've heard of that, but I did hear a real weird one this past week on the radio.  Firefighters were called to a car fire.  Turns out the guy was driving his car and decided to light a candle on the dashboard!  Well...you guessed it...he went around a corner, the candle fell off the dash and set his car on fire!  (I can see a new warning requirement on warning labels..lol)...

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  2. On 7/27/2020 at 12:35 AM, freyjasaif said:

    I'm from Toronto city in Canada. I make candles and also teach kids how to make candles.


    Glad to be here. :)


    Welcome to the forum...Im a fellow Canadian, close to Alliston, about 1hr north of Toronto. 

  3. On 1/16/2020 at 12:45 AM, Wax Boy said:

    I talked to ASO and specifically asked the question if it was GB464 and the answer I was given was it was 100% Midwest with some form of botanical blend.  I have been testing Freedom the last few weeks and havent been extremely impressed yet.  I've been a Millenium user since I can get it locally.

    Can you give us your likes and dislikes about Freedom wax from ASO.  Like you...I have a local supplier that carries it, so I'm really interested in your thoughts about it.

  4. On 12/1/2019 at 8:30 PM, Auntjulie said:

    Thank you for asking! It went pretty well, in as I learned a LOT😉 I made tiny 2oz tins with the C3 wax and only 1 fragrance in the 8 oz tin that I tested all other candles were with my CBadvanced wax. But I didn’t sell many candles 🙁 I sold a few candle melts and warmers though. I think I priced the candles too high?  All in all I made enough to pay for the booth but I had fun after all the hard work and I know what I would do differently now😊

    It sounds like it was a good experience, and will help you to know what to do the same....and differently next time.

  5. On 10/8/2019 at 10:21 AM, TallTayl said:

    Easy beads have never been “beady” IME.  The earliest cases were lumps. There’s a pic somewhere here. 

    my latest (2018) cases were more like thick flakes, but still pretty much stuck together. the wax itself is pretty greasy in both sets of shipments, 


    Im sure the coconut wax we get up here is Easy Beads...our local suppliers won't say that, but it looks the same and mine came in like you say TT..thick greasy flakes.  Nothing like soy flakes... but it did seem to work pretty good for me (in my limited experience with it).

  6. On 10/23/2019 at 1:08 PM, bfroberts said:

    Canwax is the only Candian supplier that comes to my mind, but I'm sure there are others.  Good luck!

    A little late to this thread...but we also have Village Craft and Candle in St. Mary's ON...and they are very good.  I've used Canwax and they are also good.  If you want to use C3 Soy wax, New Directions Aeromatics in Mississauga carry it at a very reasonable cost....and they have lots of great scents, which is their core business.  I have purchased from USA suppliers, but the Cdn $$$ is not great, and shipping is expensive...not to mention the time it takes for the order to get across the border.


    The major thing I miss is containers...we have VERY limited options here.  I've spoken with Canwax and VCC and they say to bring painted containers or something a little more modern would be too cost prohibitive...personally...I think they're missing the boat.

  7. Just got the notice about EcoSoya from our local Canadian supplier.  I tried their new waxes, as Im sure most of you did....and I was less than impressed.  It looked good, but I found it was impossible to find a wick that would actually work .  But anybody that did manage to get it to work will have to go back to the drawing board.  All I can say is....Im glad I don't rely on candles to earn a living...hats off to those that do...

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  8. 17 hours ago, Quentin said:

    Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to reach the wireless printer. That way I can produce labels while waiting for things to cool down or heat up.

    If it doesn't reach your printer, you could always try an extender. Plug it in somewhere between your router/modem, printer and computer and it will extend your WiFi signal..  Otherwise you get get an inexpensive printer BUT buy your cartridges on Amazon.  My orignal  Canon cartridges cost $199 (Cdn) for a set.... now I buy 5 sets for about $40. on Amazon.

  9. I've always been confused with the sizing on the larger HTP wicks http://www.atkinsandpearce.com/candle-solutions/product-pages/htp/

    The 126 is listed at the bottom of the chart.  It shows the largest flame height, largest melt pool but the yield falls between a 105 and a 1212.  I contacted them and they told me its the "largest" htp....and yet a LOT of supplier sites recommend the 126 right after the 105.. still confused.:wacko:

  10. Just for fun I did a couple of layered candles....but they weren't really planned.  I melted some leftover/finished candles...poured into a large mason jar...did some more about 2 weeks later...poured them into the same mason jar..and so on..  I think I had about 5 layers in that mason...different colors...different scents.  Then I skewered a hole down the centre and stuck in a wick (can't remember which one).  It actually burnt really well...I called it my Frankencandle...😁

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  11. 7 minutes ago, Laura C said:


    I like that jar and cork lid.

    It will cost me a small fortune to get them here...for me a US dollar costs about $1.30 cdn...plus shipping to Canada...and we have 13% HST tax...ouch.  BUT....Glassnow jars are unique IMO, and I don't have to worry about selling cost..so I think I will just go ahead and order some.  

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  12. 10 hours ago, candlesinflorida said:

    That is a good looking candle!

    It is....the glass is thick and I like their labels.  I got it as a gift and I can only imagine what my daughter payed for it in Canada!  I see their prices on their US website, so Im sure it would be a lot more here....but....in my opinion, I would rather pay more for a quality product.

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