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  1. Buy samples :). Some fragrances sing in certain waxes, others don’t.
  2. Every supplier I have tried has good one and not so good. It’s really all about testing with your wax and wick formula. By samples, do not go by reviews or you can waste $$.
  3. You can make take your lotion recipe and modify it several ways. Increase emulsifier, add hardeners, add butters. Many sites have recipes you can compare. Wholesale supplies plus has a million recipes, Lotioncrafter…etc If you really want to learn Swiftcraftymonkey blog.
  4. I raised prices last year and didn’t lower them anticipating this again. They still screwed up. I had packages that were late by two weeks, some three weeks going priority mail. Lost packages. Worst year ever. Multiple packages sitting in sorting bins that customers had to retrieve. USPS cutting back hours so nothing got delivered, meanwhile local post office stating delivered, but delivered at po sitting in bins….GAH
  5. Not sure what you are asking. A recipe, a base, or existing face cream or serum
  6. From Pirateship shipping rates for the holidays. Unfortunately there's no way to escape this; USPS is raising rates the same amount everywhere you can buy their postage. Their price increase for each shipment depends on the service, weight, and zone you're shipping to, as summed up below. October 3rd–December 26th temporary USPS rate increase: First Class Package Service $0.30 increase for all Weights and Zones Priority Mail Cubic $0.25 increase for all Cubic Tiers, Zones 1-4 $0.75 increase for all Cubic Tiers, Zones 5-9 Priority Mail Flat Rate and Priority Mail Express Flat Rate $0.75 increase for all Flat Rate Boxes and Envelopes Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and Parcel Select Ground $0.25 increase for 1-10 lb, Zones 1-4 $0.75 increase for 1-10 lb, Zones 5-9 $1.50 increase for 11-20 lb, Zones 1-4 $3.00 increase for 11-20 lb, Zones 5-9 $2.50 increase for 21-70 lb, Zones 1-4 $5.00 increase for 21-70 lb, Zones 5-9 To see the exact rates just grab the USPS rate sheets from your Pirate Ship account. We've got a secret way to help offset these increases 😉 Shhh don't tell anybody, but we'll be adding a new carrier with super deep discounts to Pirate Ship on October 3rd that could help offset this increase in the nick of time. Unfortunately we can't share more details until then... but rest assured it'll help save you a ton, and you'll be able to start shipping with them instantly. Stay tuned for more info soon!
  7. Anyone try Blended waxes parasoy, and any of the new fragrances?
  8. I would make more testers. Don’t decide on one test.
  9. I think you answered the question! I like sodium lactate in lotion, but it depends on your formula. It’s cheap and works. You should try I think you answered the question! I like sodium lactate in lotion, but it depends on your formula. It’s cheap and works. You can try propanediol, this is a very handy humectant.
  10. Polyboost is hard to find except ordering through Clarus or Let is shine which charges fortune shipping. Going to try and get sample from Clarus.
  11. I like to do this too. I make soap for fun but skipped this summer because a number of oil prices went berserk. I have had fun though making liquid Castile soap. Dr. Bronners is stupid expensive, and hahah I can make an interesting label too!
  12. I just bought some vybar and usa to see if they would help. The candles that are sweating are test candles so may not have stirred in well enough. I was trying Flamings 400 and that wax was sweating like crazy, so ditched that. I liked it but not good in heat at least for me. Never heard of poly post but will check it out.
  13. I had a giant bag once hahah. Will try find a small one see if it helps. Though this weather and humidity are not helping.
  14. This is making me crazy. Granted it’s the summer, but I have candle sweat. Good technique, fo only at 6 per cent. should I add fragrance higher than 180? Given stir it in well. Thoughts? Heat is making me mad with the issue. it seems some fragrance more prone to this than others. Additive?
  15. Well had a confirmed order to be told after a week there was no supply. That was exciting 😱
  16. Are you in UK? Candle Shack is British? I don’t know suppliers over there, but I would try and find another company. You should get better results with a smaller wick, let your candle burn 3 hours, before deciding wick is too small.
  17. Yes agree with above sounds like over wicked. It’s easy to do that with parasoy. Use smaller wick, and try fragrances from another supplier. Make sure fragrance is specifically for candles.
  18. Yes, none. See my other response. You are using flammable containers and it’s a huge no, safety alert. You can’t even get insurance for using these firestarter containers
  19. First of all dough bowls, coconut shells, or anything made of flammable material is a fire hazard. Do you have insurance? You won’t even be able to get any when you state you are using a flammable container. These containers despite being trendy , and I see them on Etsy blah, blah are NOT SAFE. Will you be responsible for a fire? Here is an example of a dough bowl that burned by user. Are you okay with that?
  20. Ok if the wicks don’t works those fragrances, then I would change the fragrance. LX wicks work well with 464, don’t be afraid to try larger wick. Start 22 - 26
  21. You have to test! Lotion you make or base with fragrance. Even those without vanilla can change color FYI
  22. I can’t stand those stabilizers, they reek to high heaven and you still have to test I would go vanillin free, or check fragrance and get percentage of vanillin under 1 percent. Their are sweet scents without vanillin but you have to hunt for them. Look on websites many have search for vanillin free. Also this stabilizers there are no ingredient lists! I asked Natrues Garden what was in theirs but they said they couldn’t get from manufacturer. Foul smelling stuff
  23. Start by pulling all ingredients, packaging you use on daily basis. Then do next ingredients that are weekly. Take supplies that are research and development and corral them. I have entire packaging shelves, fragrance, and cosmetic areas. Shipping is another area, with all box sizes easily accessible, labels in file boxes for quick access. you have to routinely go through and prioritize and toss old stuff. whatever comes in needs to be labeled with date it goes in your storage area. You can get get great storage options through Home Depot, and Lowe’s. boxes and wire shelving. It’s an investment but it can save sanity. my wire shelving is all on wheels so I can move stuff around when needed.
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